Homeschooling Art!

Seriously, though, the only one of our kids who is truly inclined toward Art is, of course, “The Artist”. I could fill post after post of his drawings, but today I’m just going to tell you about how much of an interest he has taken in Zentangle, something he’s been watching me do. I will be honest here, and say that I didn’t want to let him in on it, because I was selfish and knew he’d be way better at it than me concerned it would be too much for him, but last week I took him to his first Zentangle class. Here are the results.

This first photo is of the first tile they did, the one on the left is what “The Artist” did, and on the right is what one of the certified zentangle teachers did.


Here is the second tile. The one on top belongs to “The Artist”, while the other two belong to our CZT’s (certified zentangle teacher)


One of our teachers has a wonderful zentangle blog called Dentangles, and I urge you to definitely check it out!

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In Freedom’s Cause: The Real Story of Wallace and Bruce, a T.O.S. Review

During the Review Crew run last year, my family was very lucky in that we were able to review the audio drama “Under Drakes Flag“, so we were THRILLED when the audio drama In Freedom’s Cause: The Real Story of Wallace and Bruce (Single Package) came up on the review list. I jumped all over this one hoping we would be chosen, after how much we had enjoyed our previous (and first!) experience with audio drama done using one of G. A. Henty’s extraordinary books, and we were SO Happy when we WERE picked! :-)

THIS wonderful audio drama was generously provided to us by Heirloom Audio Productions, from whom you can purchase several different packages.

The In Freedom’s Cause: The Real Story of Wallace and Bruce single package includes an attractively packaged two CD set and a miniature copy of the prayer of William Wallace. You also will receive the following bonuses:

  • In Freedom’s Cause Study Guide: Digital Download

A very nice study guide which will be a great addition to the audio drama! This will enable you and your children to have discussion points, additional historical tie-ins, and really brings it together with relevant Biblical study.

  • In Freedom’s Cause Soundtrack: MP3 download

THIs MP3 download gave us all the original music by John Campbell, who is an Emmy-winning composer. He also responsible for the  original score for C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia. This music can be downloaded to any device capable of playing MP3 downloads.

  • Printable copy of The Prayer Of William Wallace

This is a  one page beautiful printable letter size poster  ready to frame for your family’s inspiration, and is a version of Psalm 23 in the Latin Vulgate.

So, back to the actual audio drama. This two CD set runs approximately two and a half hours, and we listened to the entire thing in one sitting. Yes, it was that good. Because we are not a small family, I chose to have us listen to it through our DVD Player, rather than the computer. It was really comfortable, and really, as if we were listening to an actual theater production, as opposed to a book on tape, such as I used to check out from the library before we would travel. With a production such as this, it really is impossible to NOT become “involved” in the action. I will say that I have all boys, but I’m pretty certain that a family with girls would also find this drama to be as exciting as we did.

We were transported to 14th century Scotland, and joined freedom fighters Sir William Wallace and King Robert the Bruce. They were largely the leaders who helped Scotland gain their freedom at the time from their oppressive English ruler. There is certainly plenty of action, along with bravery, such bravery. There is much tragedy in this portion of world history, but I think it is still very much an important part to learn about, and this audio drama from G. A. Henty’s book brings us right into history and makes it easier to learn and retain it.

Below, you can see a trailer for this wonderful production. I do hope you enjoy it!

While WE Listened in our living room, I think this audio drama will be great to use in our car when we travel, as well, and look forward to doing exactly that!

I look forward to many more materials from the books of G. A. Henty. I also am very excited to hear that Heirloom Audio Productions will be releasing a new audio drama, “With Lee In Virginia”!


TO find out even more, check out Heirloom Audio by way of their social media:

Google+: >





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IndoctriNation: A T.O.S. Review

For my first review in this, my third year as a member of the Review Crew, I was privileged to receive the DVD IndoctriNation: Public Schools And The Decline Of Christianity In America from Great Commission Films.

As I have long believed that the public school system is now, and has since it’s inception, been brainwashing children away from their parents and away from their faith, I have been wanting to view this film for some time. So, when it came up on the review crew schedule, I definitely was hoping to be chosen for this one!

IndoctriNation confirmed many things that I had already learned during my years of homeschooling, and of researching schooling in general. So many people believe that we as Christians need to “take back the schools”, as Franklin Graham says during one segment of this film, but the problem with that is that Christians never had them in the first place. The modern school system was created by men who were nowhere near to having the best interests of our children at heart, rather, they wanted to create a society of people who would not be independent thinkers, who would do as they were told, and be good citizens, according to whomever might be in power at any given time.

Colin Gunn, born and raised in Scotland but now living here in America with his wife and seven children, was public schooled while growing up in his homeland. Here, he and his wife choose homeschooling. He remembers what public school was truly like. Wanting to document for us why the public school system is no place for Christian children (or teachers, for that matter!), he and his family purchased an old yellow school bus, and went on the “field trip of a lifetime”, traveling across America, asking questions about the origins and social impact of America’s public education system” (quote from the DVD case). He wanted to find out things such as:

  • Who established the American public school system?
  • Are my kids physically and morally safe in the schools?
  • Are the public schools religiously neutral?
  • Should Christians try to be “salt and light” in public schools?
  • Can the public school system be fixed or redeemed?


Most people, I believe, would be quite surprised by the answers to these questions, sadly.

Here is a trailer from the film:

I was really struck by some of the interviews given in this film. One in particular was a young lady who had been publicly schooled, and who was opted out of the early grade school “health” classes by her parents. She points out that if you really believe your kids aren’t going to be instructed as to whatever was taught in that class, you are wrong. by recess, she had been informed by the other children about condoms, different methods of sex, etc. She saw Christian children made fun of for their Christianity, and found herself in later years even denying that she was a Christian, something she is ashamed to have done. It was very sad, in my opinion.

Another interview was with a lady who came from a long line of school teachers, who ended up resigning because of her faith, and being flat-out told she could not tell her students why she was leaving. She was made to leave that day, rather that after the two weeks notice that she gave, and her students were taken out to play, while she was escorted off the premises from a different direction, in order that the children not see her when she was leaving.

A similar thing happened to a principal, only he was outright fired. He was told if he would promise never to mention the name of Jesus again, he could stay. It interests me though, that other religions are welcome, that I read in the news about students being taught about Mohamed, for example.

This film is extremely thought-provoking. At the very beginning, there is a caution given regarding some of the subject matter. I chose to watch it without my children. I suggest you use your own judgement as to what your own children are ready for. I will say that I strongly believe every believer who is a parent should view this film, whether their children are homeschooled, privately schooled, or in public school. I further believe that every pastor, youth worker, or children’s worker in church should view this film. I do not believe it will change the mind of a non-believer, but the plain fact is that too many believers are not in possession of knowledge that could make a major difference to their family.

The DVD IndoctriNation

is available at the cost of $19.95, and I believe it is well worth it.

IndoctriNation DVD Review

Crew Disclaimer

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Another Zentangle Class!

Today, I attended the Zentangle 601 class. We were working with the renaissance tiles, which are tan, sepia (brown) ink, black ink, white ink, and both white charcoal pencil and black pencil. I really LOVE the look of this!

Here are my tiles:



Here are collage photos of the tiles all of the students and teachers made:



Before we left, we had a group photo taken of all the students and the two teachers, Dennie York and her sister Karin Tarter.


I so enjoy going to these classes! You can learn more about them, and zentangle in general, at Dennie’s Blog Dentangles

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I Got To Meet a Fellow Crew Member! :-)

So, I fully intended to post this over a week ago, or at LEAST by last week sometime, but then I ended up down for the count with the flu, and didn’t get anywhere NEAR the computer. :-( But, delayed nonetheless, it’s going on the blog now. :-)

I found out that a fellow Review Crew member, who lives in Texas, was going to be in this area because of some family stuff, and we talked about trying to get together. Well, in the end, the evening before she was to return home, she came to our house for supper, and we had a lovely time, eating and chatting! :-)

Here is a quick photo that my husband took of us . . .


I definitely could have looked better, but that’s OK, it was so great to meet a fellow blogger and crew member! You can meet her too, just go check out her blog At Home: Where Life Happens! I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I do! :-)

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Ladies Bible Study

Well, our Ladies Bible Study started back up today, now that the holidays are past. Ever since I began participating, almost 3 years ago, I’ve attended the evening session, but my husband has changed shifts at his job to afternoons for a while, so I’m going to the morning session. It’s a whole different dynamic! In the morning session, there are several ladies who have been studying the Bible for MANY years, and just in the first session today, I learned a lot, and gained even more insight about what we studied this week.

I really enjoy having a weekly Ladies Bible study. It helps me to stay accountable to study on a regular basis, and really, I do learn a lot. We are working through “Changed Into His Image”, the book and workbook by Jim Berg. We are taking our time, too. This is our third session (semester), and it really forces us to look at ourselves, and think on the changes we need to make in our lives. I highly recommend this study. The fellowship with other ladies on a weekly basis is pretty good, too! :-)

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Who invented the term “Stay At Home Mom”?

I am a full-time wife, homemaker and mom. I am NOT, however, a “Stay At Home Mom”, who sits around doing nothing. In fact, I don’t know too many moms who are, especially if we are also homeschooling moms. Let’s see, just today, we had to go into the next town to pick up a written prescription at the doctor’s office, then drop it off at the pharmacy.

We then went over to a friend from our church to pick up some things that the boys had left at their house yesterday while she kept them for us so that my husband could go out for the day for my birthday.

We did our piano practice, we undecorated the Christmas tree so that my husband could take it down and put it away, and packed up the other decorations I had put out.

We are preparing to get back to homeschooling, now that Christmas and my birthday are done, and I’ve been picked for my first crew review for 2015.

Let’s see, what else? We have church on Wednesday evenings, so we needed to make sure that everyone was cleaned up and ready to go, that supper was ready early enough to eat and get there on time, and that my boys who are in the teen class had all of their materials ready that they are to turn in on Wednesday night.

Then, we were notified by the pharmacy that we couldn’t pick up the prescription, that the insurance company was refusing it. Well, the child who needed it is completely out, and needs it for tomorrow, so I finally called the pharmacy. Turned out that they entered it wrong. I got them to re-enter it, and was able to pick it up after church, along with dropping something off to a church member who is sick.

Did I mention laundry? Well, there was laundry (home ec?) to do as well.

We moms who do not work at an outside of the home job, we still work, and we are BUSY! We aren’t (at least, I’m not) sitting around, watching soaps, talking nonstop on the phone and eating bonbons. And guess what? f you’re a mom, whether you work a paying job or not, you are WORKING, and at something very, very important. Don’t stop believing that!

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