Why do they call us “Stay at Home Moms”?!

After all, we aren’t just staying home! Today while I WAS at home, I did laundry, herded cats (I mean children), and did errands. Yesterday, I took the kids to their weekly home-school gym and swim program at the YMCA. Tomorrow, grocery shopping, then taking the kids to Pizza Hut for their last “Book-it” for the year, and also for the twins’ birthday. Busy busy today, really ran out of incentive to cook, so while out doing errands I zipped through McDonald’s for the boys, and got them cheeseburgers and fries from the dollar menu. I got a salad at Wendy’s for me. Nobody got pop, and I heard loud and long complaining over that, but we had already told them that number one, we wouldn’t be letting them have pop very often anymore, and number two, fast food was going to become a (very) rare treat, instead of a regular thing.

My exercise prescription from when I went to Detroit instructs me to begin with three times a week, so I decided to use tomorrow, when I’m doing tons of walking while out getting groceries for my third time this week.

My HAP health track nurse Michelle, who calls me every week talked with me yesterday about how we’re going to meet my goal of 15 – 20 pounds lost before my apointment to schedule my surgery, and also about how to maintain it until surgery, because if I gain it back the surgery will be cancelled, and I’ll have to start all over again waiting for a new date. I’m going to keep trying to eat lower calorie than before, and possibly do a meal replacement drink or bar for lunch, because lunch is the one meal I tend to mess up on, especially if I’m out and about. So, tomorrow while shopping I will be checking out protein powder, etc, probably at GNC if there’s one in the mall here.

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