Educeri Lesson Subscription Service: My Review

After many years of doing this homeschooling thing, I very recently discovered that one of my boys (Mr. Loquacious) much prefers to use worksheets and regular lessons. Of course, he COULD have said so long ago, but you know boys, right? So I was pleased to be put on the review for Educeri Lesson Subscription Service. We received a twelve month subscription to this service for the purpose of this review.

From the company Educeri …….  Educeri a division of DataWORKS, this is a vast assortment of lessons (over 1000 lessons!) which you can use from pre-kindergarten all the way through twelfth grade.

Within those 1000 plus lessons, you will find the following:

  • Math – 413 lessons covering all grades
  • English Language Arts – 525 lessons covering all grades
  • Science – 22 lessons which will cover mostly middle through high school
  • History – 26 lessons which will cover mostly fifth grade  and  higher
  • Art, PE and Music – there are one or two lessons in each of these catagories

With all of this available, there is simply no way you would not be able to find useful lessons, whether to add them in as part of your regular curriculum, to use as a supplement.

I like that each lesson is already laid out for you, the parent/teacher. I have never been very good at lesson planning, so I much prefer having it done for me. At the same time, I long ago let go of the whole “school in a box” sort of curriculum, because i felt stressed when we couldn’t keep up with days in the lesson books!

Older kids can probably do this on their own, but in my case, I have special needs kids. In this case, or the case where your kids are much younger, you will want to sit with them at the computer to go through the actual lesson of your choice (for us, we used mostly early math, telling time, and counting money.) After doing the actual lesson online, there are generally printable pages to go with it so that the child will have extra practice.

Although we don’t do testing, there will be quizzes coming soon, and we may use them, just to see how each child is retaining what they learn.

This subscription is very well organised, in my view. The lessons are categorized by grade AND subject, making it extremely simple to browse, or to just look up a specific thing that you want your child to work on.

The primary concentration on Educari at this time is in Math and Language Arts, and while I do hope they will expand their offerings in the other subjects, the fact that they have a great number of lessons (and worksheets!) in these two areas are great for us! These are topics that will greatly benefit my boys for the next year. I’m very pleased to be able to wholeheartedly recommend Educeri Lesson Subscription Service from Educeri …….  Educeri a division of DataWORKS
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It’s a Dog’s Life!

Somebody has taken over my outside chair! Thinks he’s “all that,” too!






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Working it Out: Poetry Analysis with George Herbert (Review)

I have had the pleasure of being given a wonderful resource by the company Everyday Education, LLC for the purpose of this review.

This time around, I decided to be the “student” and work on the product myself, although I think I may use it later with my kids, too.

Everyday Education, LLC gave the Homeschool Review Crew members three different products to choose from:


I was fortunate enough to receive Working It Out: Poetry Analysis with George Herbert. I received a PDF version of the book, along with an introductory PDF to help understand what I would be doing. It is also available as a physical book, for those who really prefer to hold one in their hands and actually feel the pages (grin.)


I enjoy poetry, but to be completely honest with you, I had never before even heard of George Herbert. He was a poet in the seventeenth century, and focused largely on poetry that he seemed to be writing to “work out his own salvation,” as the Apostle Paul instructed the church at Phillipi. He is considered to be one of “only a few extraordinary devotional poets in the English language.” (from a quote by Harold Bloom in “The Best Poems of the English Language.”

“Working It Out,” by Joseph L. Womack, is a wonderful, year long study/devotional using the poetry of George Herbert. This book has over 50 of George Herbert’s poems within it, which really show the spiritual struggles and peace that Herbert worked through, and found. Each poem has with it a commentary along with reflections (questions for personal thinking) as well as scriptures for further reflection, which for me, do help in my ability to connect with the poems on a personal level.

In using this book to both learn how to study poetry, we see the above mentioned commentary, reflections and scripture, but prior to that (after reading a poem) we see the following:

  • The Big Picture (or, what the poem is about)
  • The Parts of the Picture (this is a stanza-by-stanza explanation of the poem)
  • The Parts of the Picture Come Together (putting the “parts” back together, giving a better understanding of the flow and meaning of the poem.

Janice Campbell from Everyday Education, LLC  discovered the book Working It Out when she was working on the first edition of British Literature (English 4) for a curriculum company, and found that it worked perfectly to be added to the context resources for the course. She did just that, and then offered it through that curriculum’s website. Eventually, the author let her know he was retiring and would no longer be publishing it, at which time Ms. Campbell offered to keep it in print for him. Because she was able to do this, we continue to have this wonderful study to work through and learn from!

Working It Out was written mostly as a devotional, but truly, it also teaches a thoughtful way of reading and understanding poetry in general, which means it would help when studying other poets, as well.

I am enjoying this study, and plan to continue with it. It can be done over a year’s time, or if you wish to take your time, maybe two years, by taking two weeks per poem for study. This is most likely what will work best for me, as I find it difficult to get through one per week. I feel confident in recommending Working it Out: Poetry Analysis with George Herbert to you, my readers. I think you will find it a thoughtful analysis, and a good way to study poetry in general.

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Photo Op!

“The Puzzler” thought this was a really cool set up in front of a restaurant we were near one day, so I took a photo of him!

We were in Las Cruces, NM overnight, and this place was right next to the motel we were in. No, we did not eat there, we went looking for much more inexpensive places!🙂


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The Cat Of Bubastes From Heirloom Audio: My Review


We have had the great privilege of being able to review each of the wonderful productions from Heirloom Audio Productions. We have reviewed the following: The Dragon and The Raven, With Lee In Virginia, In Freedom’s Cause: The  Real Story of Wallace and Bruce, Under Drake’s Flag, and Beric the Briton. Heirloom Audio Productions is committed to producing quality audio productionsw of the stories from G. A. Henty, and each one bears the subtitle “The Extraordinary adventures of G. A. Henty” on the cover.

We were especilly excited to receive the latest set!

We have been listening to the newest production from Heirloom Audio Productions called The Cat Of Bubastes.


“The Batman” in particular, was anxiously awaiting the arrival of this one, as he has long had a fascination with learning about Ancient Egypt, an this wonderful production deals with Ancient Egypt!

As reviewers, we received the two CD physical package, along with all of the downloadable bonuses which come with the Family Four-Pack. The following are thebonuses received:

  • The Cat Of Bubastes MP3 set, which we wil be putting on the kids’ tablts, as wel as on a thumb drive for listening to i the car.
  • G.A. Henty’s original Cat Of Bubastes E-Book with all new colorful graphics.
  • The Official Cat Of Bubastes Soundtrack MP3 download, which contains all the original music by Emmy-winning composer John Campbell.
  • A professionally designed, printable promotion poster (24” x 36”) featuring the star-studded cast of Cat Of Bubastes.
  • The complete Cat Of Bubastes eStudy Guide and Discussion Starter.
  • A beautiful, printable copy of the inspirational verse (I Chronicles 17:21) as quoted in The Cat Of Bubastes.
  • Unlimited access to the Live The Adventure Letter E-Newsletter.
  • Exclusive video documentary with the cast, crew and actors in the studio.

This is an incredible story, one rich in history from a Christian perspective! Of course, my most effusive comment is going to be about the scoring of the audio drama. I believe scoring can, and often does, make or break a production, and Heirloom Audio Productions has hit it out of the park each and every time!

This story is about the young prince Amuba and his protector/mentor Jethro. They are captured by the Egyptions and made into slaves in the city of Thebes. They are fortunate enough to become the slaves to an Egyption high priest, and Amuba becomes the companion to the priest’s son. Along the way through the story they encounter much intrigue and are trapped by a plot to kill the family of their Egyption friend. They find much to test their loyalty, and they discover the truth of God’s providence and love.

Here is a short video trailor for The Cat Of Bubastes:

I hope you will enjoy this production as much as we have!

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The Pray-ers: Book One “Troubles”: My Review


At exactly the right time in my life, i was given the opportunity to read and review the book The Pray-ers/Book 1 Troubles, published by CTM Publishing Atlanta and authored by Mark S. Mirza.

For well over a year now, we have been learning in our Wednesday evening Bible study and prayer meeting about how to be a more effective prayer, and one thing I have definitely learned is that there is never going to be too much to learn on this topic! For that reason, along with the fact that i have always been an avid fiction reader, I was very excited to get a copy of this book.

The author Mark S. Mirza has written over three distinct time periods: Bible era, the 1800’s at the end of and during the post Civil War, and modern era.

He has created fictional demons and angels with names to further the story, and we see how they interact with humans throughout the three separate time periods. One thing I enjoyed, which others may not, is that the novel jumps back and forth between the eras. I like seeing how they end up weaving together, myself. My favorite era, however, has to be the 1800’s in Georgia. The main human character in this era is a traveling preacher convicted by The Lord that this is where he needs to be, even though he is a northerner. His name is Alexander Rich, and he is a friend of a real person in history, Dwight Moody. I also love how he makes very clear that the demons KNOW that in the end they will lose the battle, so all they can really do at any time is to attempt to ruin a believer’s testimony. I like that angels are interacting to strengthen believers, and that the book shows how the main characters ask for help, and deal with temptations and regrets.

There are small footnotes throughout the story giving Biblical references having to do with certain parts of the fictional story, as well as a reference section at the back of the book.

Mr. Mirza has a very strong conviction against giving any respect towards satan or his demons, so he chooses to NOT capitalize their names at all. This is actually not something I had ever given thought to before, but am doing so now.

I will warn you right now that this is not a quick, light work of fiction. It comes in at 372 pages, and although it is a novel, it is also a heavy (though important!) subject. I am dealing personally with a need to pray more, and harder than I have ever had to before, and though I don’t necessarily agree with EVERYTHING in this book, I’m pleased to recommend it to any adult or mature teen who would want to improve their prayer life.

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Help Teaching Pro Subscription . . . My Review

We have found a wonderful resource to add to the education of our children! We were blessed with a one year subscription to the Help Teaching Pro Subscription from

Having only recently discovered that one of our boys “Mr. Loquacious” MUCH prefers to use worksheets, workbooks and the like along with some online resources, this was a timely blessing. This particular child has always been a reluctant learner, so this awesome site will be great for him!

The Help Teaching Pro subscription is just FILLED with material, enough that I really doubt you could run out within your one year subscription! It has resources from early education through grade 12, and for this review we are concentrating primarily on elementary resources.

There are many categories that you can look through, and they are extremely well-organized so that you can search both by grade level and subject!  Here are just a sampling of what is offered:

  • Early Education


  • Math


  • English/Language Arts

  • Science


  • Social Studies
  • Worksheet Makers
  • Printable Game Makers

And so very much more!

I discovered that we could create word search puzzles, which is a huge seller with “The Batman.” He just loves them, and always has, ever since he learned how to do simple ones years ago.

They are also happy that I can use Help Teach Pro to create crossword puzzles! This is a fun way to work on words they are struggling with.

There is a test room in which you can assign your students to go and do a test, and you can monitor their performance, however, the student will need his or her own email address so that you can send them a link to what you wish them to do. We aren’t using that portion of, since my kids are not on email and we don’t really do testing.

There are many lesons your child can view, from linked outside websites. They will generally include a video, questions and answers, and a test. They will find these covering science, language arts and math.

At this time, there are over 550 lessons you can assign. However, rather than doing this I thought about what we were learning at a given time and looked for worksheets, games, and the like that would complement the things we were already learning about. This is a method that seems to work well for our family. offers a free sign up for those who would like to try it before purchasing. Even with the free membership you will get a lot, but really, at only $24.95 per year I highly recommend the Pro subscription. It can be used for multiple students, and you will receive much more content.

Again, this is an extremely worthwhile subscription, and I feel very blessed to have been able to review it. We will use this quite often over this next year!🙂

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