Today’s happenings…

Got a load of towels done, still need to fold them, though… Kids have all finished their Bible studies for today, now the twins are going around with their dad’s measuring tapes, measuring everything in sight, LOL! They just a little while ago spent time reading to each other, taking turns page by page. one twin chose one of his Biscuit the dog books and The other chose a Little Bear book. My twin who didn’t want to do the work involved in learning to read is really improving in his reading now! 🙂 my teens spent a little time on the wii, now A is playing baseball on his Nintendo 3DS, and I is watching Kung Foo Panda on DVD. I have spent most of the morning trying to find out how we go about transferring our guardianship of A to a judge here, because obviously, the original judge back home has no jurisdiction in NM. We’re hopeful it will be a simple matter to just transfer it. I have a pressure band on my left arm, it has been very, very painful lately to go without it. I had to take a pain pill and muscle relaxer this morning, so it’s as well that I’ve planned not to have to go anywhere today, because I’d prefer to not drive. 🙂 Still have a bunch of boxes in the front room to unpack, but I need to get more big plastic bins with lids for things that get stored between uses, as I don’t want to store them in the garage in cardboard moving boxes. Most of the school stuff is still in boxes too, because we really need some more bookshelves to put them in. 😦 And of course, still wishing for a piano, had to leave mine behind to save money on the moving truck, and I miss having lessons, and really miss my practice time! 😦

We very much like our new church, though it was hard leaving our church back home when we moved. But, it’s really not possible to be an active member of a church that is nearly 1700 miles from where you live! Our church here is a good fit for us, and we hope we’ll be a good fit for the church (! I’ve joined e adult choir, our older boys are in the teen choir, and the two younger are in the Sunshine Kids Choir. I also attend the weekly Ladies Bible Study group. There are other families with adoptive children, including some with special needs children adopted from foster care, like us. We really are happy at Mesa!

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  1. Glad you are finding a new church home! Looking forwarding to reading more on your blog. Especially interested in the fact you have twins. I need to learn from you. 🙂

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