Once More to the Stores…

Well, I knew I was going to have to go back out again today, because I needed to wait for payday to get the last of Christmas shopping done. However,I discovered last night that I misjudged sizes for new pajamas I bought for the kids, so I’m now adding Target to my list for today, as they actually have pajama sets on sale in sizes that will fit both twins (they are different sizes), and will return the ones from Walmart. Oh, well!

I also need to stop back at Sam’s to get one of those electric roasters, because our Walmart didn’t get any, and I didn’t get the one at Sam’s, thinking it would cost lessat Walmart! Maybe I’ll check Target first?

I still need to get two kids their big gifts, my oldest, who only asked for Batman stuff and legos, and my smallest twin, who wants Thomas the Train things. Plus, I think this year, I’m getting stockings for my husband and myself, too, not just for the kids. The stockings are fun! 🙂

I need also to pick up a few groceries for Christmas breakfast casserole and a few things to round out Christmas dinner. Then, the shopping will be done, and I can hide away in our room to wrap! I hated having to buy wrapping paper, I haven’t in several years because I had a sizable stash, but it was one of the things I let go of when we moved across the country. Guess I’ll have to start another one!

Hope you are all close to done with Christmas prep, but if not, I hope it isn’t too crazy for you!

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