Feeling better . . .

Well, feeling somewhat better, anyway! Two days ago I had another post-op appointment with my surgeon, during which he removed the pins from my toes. It hurt a LOT, when they were coming out, and bled quite a bit, too! I was surprised to see how long they were, a good 3 1/2 inches long, but I shouldn’t have been so surprised, because the pain they were causing went way down past the toes and into my feet. I’m awfully glad they are finally out. Of course, now I have a different kind of pain that I’m trying to get past, when I’m trying to walk. I am now out of the “frankenboots”, but wearing smaller post-op shoes. Last night my husband had the OK from the surgeon to remove the bandaging that had been put on the toes which had the pins in, and the holes were scabbed over, so it was finally OK to try a real shower. It felt so good to get really clean, but it sure took a lot out of me, it was the longest I had stood up without the walker since surgery. I am hoping to be doing well enough to attend church this coming Sunday night. My husband says it totally depends on how I’m doing, because he’s not letting me push beyond what I should do anymore. He’s got a point, I did do that when I went to the homeschool picnic, and it seemed to set me back a bit, so we don’t want that, right?

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  1. Valerie

    Glad to hear you’re making progress. It’s been a long haul, I’m sure.

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