Reminder: The Annual Schoolhouse Expo is Coming Up!

I wanted to share once again, BEFORE it begins, a little bit about some of the speakers who will be participating in the annual Schoolhouse Expo, which will be held from August 19 – 23, 2013.

Hal & Melanie Young will be sharing on two topics. The first is “Shining Armor: Your Son’s Battle for Purity”. Let’s face it, most resources out there on this topic are about and for girls. Those of us raising boys will really benefit from learning more about how to bring them up with an understanding that purity is not just for girls, it’s for boys, as well! Their second topic is a writing/publishing workshop: “Getting Published and Getting It Launched”, in which they will talk about getting your book published and getting it known.

I look forward to Deborah Wuehler, Senior Editor at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. She will be speaking on the topic of “Prayer, Power, and Perseverance!”, something we home-schooling moms often need!

Of special interest to me is the topic “Homeschooling Multiple Children with Special Needs”, by As the home-schooling mom of four special needs boys, I think this one will be beneficial to me!

“Homeschooling during times of Transition”, by Malia Russell is another topic I’m looking forward to, as I feel like I’m still in transition from moving across the country.

Since I have dreams of writing for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine as an actual paying job, I definitely don’t want to miss “How to Write for The Old Schoolhouse and the TOS Family”, by Bonnie Rose!

There are 36 speakers in all, and you won’t miss a single one, because with your registration, you will receive the archived recordings after the Expo, to enjoy whenever you wish! If you want to join me, please go register here, and get all of these speakers and more for only $24.00!

Remember, I am also hosting a giveaway for one free ticket to the annual Schoolhouse Expo! To enter, go to this post and make a comment, telling me which speaker you are most looking forward to (one comment per reader, please!), and I will choose the winner the morning of August 14th using So, you have one more day to enter! Good luck!

Disclaimer: This is a promotional post, for which I will be receiving one free ticket for myself to this event.

As always, I’d love to have you follow my blog by clicking the “sign me up” button at the top of the page and following the instructions. Hope you will join me for all of my “Journeys Through Life”!

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