Short and Sweet Today!

Busy, busy day today! I spent an hour or so greeting and handing out discount coupons at the Friends and Family sale event that was being held at our local Christopher and Banks store here in Albuquerque, in exchange for a 50% discount on whatever I purchased today. On top of that, I had a 15% coupon, plus a $20.00 rewards points coupon that I had just received in the mail! Since so much of what is in my closet has gotten too large for me, this was a GOOD THING! On Monday, I will be going through and packing up everything that doesn’t fit anymore to pass on to someone I know will be able to use it, and making room for my new things which fit me! 🙂

After that, I went grocery shopping. First I went to Sam’s Club, then Walmart, and finally, Smith’s, where I also filled up my minivan, as the boys and I have a field trip to McCall’s Pumpkin Patch this coming Tuesday (with our church homeschool group) in Moriarty, NM, which I understand is about an hour away.

We do have a busy week coming up . . . field trip on Tuesday, Ladies Bible Study Tuesday night, church on Wednesday, park day Thursday, and our homeschool missionary project on Friday! I’ll have a lot to write about, if I just can find time to write it, LOL!

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