Our Church Teen Choir

We have an awesome bunch of teens at Mesa Baptist Church, and Bro. Roger Grantham and his wife Aubrey are so great with the kids! Here they are in a video from last night, singing the song “Glory To God In The Highest” for the special music during the evening service!

I really want to give the Granthams a shout out, because Mike and I have two boys in the teen group and the teen choir. The Granthams have just been wonderful with them, really understanding of their needs, and helping where necessary so that the boys will do well in the group. They’ve even been willing to help with making it possible (in part by having along another couple, the Kuckartz’s, to handle things like medications and keeping “The Batman” on track) for “The Batman” to be included when they go to Winter Retreat, and hopefully summer camp next year, as well.

Thank you, Mesa Baptist, we love you! šŸ™‚

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