Weekly Wrap-Up . . . When Our “Schedule” Was Off Duty . . .

My husband had this week off of work, so we didn’t get a whole lot of “school” stuff done. It was helpful to have him here though, because we DID get some other things out-of-the-way. We FINALLY managed to get the tires replaced on his car, which was becoming urgent, plus getting his oil change. Next we’ll get my oil change, and we have a coupon for that.

My sunglasses FINALLY came in. Because of the problems getting them, they had told me to come in and choose a different frame, and said they would not charge me the difference even if they were more expensive than the ones I had originally chosen. I chose a pair of designer frames (Laura Ashley) that were nearly $100.00 more. Then, a few days later they called and said they found a pair of the original frames I chose, and I would get both pairs at no extra cost. So now, I have two pair of prescription sunglasses to switch off. I also now officially have cataracts, so will need eye surgery within a few years.

My husband was supposed to go to a conference yesterday and today with men from our church, but he got sick with some kind of bug and ended up not being able to go. He got up, was already feeling sick, but tried to go anyway, only to turn back halfway to the church. He was very disappointed, because he really wanted to go, he’s never gone to anything like this before. Hopefully he’ll be able to go next year!

Well, today, I’m going to go to a Mary Kay thing a friend at church is having, then I’m going to pick up the last bit of groceries I didn’t have time for the other day. Then, I guess, since it’s time change weekend, and I have to be at church by 8:30 tomorrow morning to practice with the choir, it will not be a late night for me, lol!

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