Weekly Wrap Up . . . Ending With Some Excitement!

Well, I had PLANNED to share a video with you this time, as the Sunshine Kids Choir at our church did their final special for the school year Sunday night, but in face, I can’t.

On Friday, after homeschool PE, my husband met up with us to get “Mr. Loquacious”, taking him to an appointment with an ear/nose/throat specialist. He’s had chronic, severe nosebleeds for some time, and had previously had chemical cauterization. What we THOUGHT was going to happen would be that the doctor would schedule him to have it done surgically, but instead, he did the chemical one again.

After that, we all met up again at church for Teen Comedy Night, a spaghetti supper/entertainment fundraiser for teen camp. I will share a couple of videos from the evening, but in a later post. They are taking forever to load to youtube!

Sunday morning, “Mr. Loquacious” had another big nosebleed, and since I’m in the choir, my husband had me take the others while he stayed home with our son, hoping he’d be better enough to go that night, which, he was.

Now here is why you aren’t seeing the video of the kids’ special . . . about half-way through, “Mr. Loquacious” quite literally passed out. Eyes rolled back, and he went backwards, hitting his head on the floor. I dropped my camera and took off to check on him, and by the time I got there, there were already some of the men helping him up. We ended up leaving shortly thereafter, just in case. My husband called a family member who happens to be an RN and a Paramedic, and he told us for sure what to watch for (concussion), not to give him food, not to give him the medication he takes to sleep. We stayed up so my husband could check him every couple of hours, in fact, my husband made me go to bed and he stayed up later to keep check.

“Mr. Loquacious” is just fine now, back to his normal self, but was very upset at having caused a disruption (even though told everyone understood), and leaving during the preaching (we’d JUST Friday had a lesson on manners and respect during church, lol!)

Here’s hoping this next week will be MUCH calmer! 🙂

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