Once More . . . Trying To Declutter

Every week, and I do mean EVERY week, this is what my beautiful ottoman looks like by the time we get to the weekend . . .
2014-04-21 02.34.22

And every week. I try to make it look nice again! Of course, there are things I regularly keep on the ottoman, but we all have developed a bad habit of just dumping “stuff” on it, every day, then just all of a sudden, it looks like the photo above. Well, we are hoping to move and live closer to our church in just a few months, so we are TRYING to get decluttered once again, get the house clean, and begin packing up stuff that we don’t “have” to have available between now and then.

Here’s my ottoman “declutter” . . .
2014-04-21 03.19.28.

Of course, it is beginning to get cluttered again, so I guess tomorrow I’ll work on it again! πŸ™‚

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