Soulwinning–The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (IBTR #30)

This is very good. My Pastor ( often talks about how so many churches rely on what he calls ” 1, 2, 3, pray after me” in order to increase numbers. Our Pastor back in MI felt the same way, and was completely supportive when we wanted to be absolutely sure our younger kids really understood what they were doing before becoming “saved” and before we allowed them to be baptized. They needed to come to an understanding that it wasn’t just so they could have Lord’s Supper. They thought it was a snack they were being denied, lol! I’m so gratefull that all four of my boys are saved and baptized, and truly understand the decisions they made, even with their special needs. Unfortunately, we have also been in churches in the past in which numbers were the be all and end all, which is sad, and which I believe causes a lot of false professions of faith because people, especially children, are pushed to make a profession they don’t even understand.

The Reagan Review


If there is anything Independent Baptists can hang their hats on, surely it is their soulwinning efforts. It has seemingly always been an emphasis. Even if we must point out areas worthy of reform, we must give credit where credit is truly due. Independent Baptists have carried the Gospel all over the world. Even the problem areas worthy of concern are not an issue in most Independent Baptist churches as only in a few is it a serious issue.

The Good

Can you imagine the number of doors knocked, the tracts given, the Scriptures printed, collated, and given over the years? It is absolutely incalculable. I have seen some of the boldest people among us walk right up to some brawny, agitated guy and tell them that Jesus came to save.  I have seen so many times what I believe to be deep sincerity in one telling of the…

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