Weekly Wrap-Up: When I was Unwell

Struggling with a chronic disorder makes life difficult and stressful, especially in the midst of homeschooling, trying to (faithfully!) serve at church, and trying to find a house to live in which would put a MUCH closer to our church. It’s become more and more difficult on me, getting to church for 8:30 choir sound check, then Sunday School and morning service, and getting back to the church by 4:30 for choir practice before evening service, as it currently takes us anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes to get there. When we first moved here, we of course had no idea where we’d be going to church, and most everyone we know lives closer to our church.

A couple of weeks ago, we actually had to leave at the beginning of evening service because I became very weak, and then I missed service altogether this past Wednesday, which I HATE! I hate feeling as though I’m not being faithful!

Yesterday, “The Batman”, “The Artist”, and I were supposed to begin switching our piano lessons to Thursday mornings, but we had to put it off until today (thankfully, our wonderful teacher hadn’t begun lessons with the family taking our former Friday slot, and offered to let us come today instead) because I wasn’t well. Our teacher says we’re doing great, even me! Today she told me she’s figured out I learn well in patterns, so that’s what we’re working on, especially for my recital piece. I’m beginning to get excited about it! 🙂

Well, that’s our week!

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  1. Mickey Thibodaux Creel

    Lori, what is your chronic illness.?

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