A Nation Adrift (DVD) . . . A T. O. S. Review

New Liberty Videos is a company which produces Christian DVD’s. Bryan Barkley has been producing Christian movies for 30 years, ever since he became a believer while producing the documentary “Set Free,” which was filmed in San Quentin prison. Before that, he worked in Hollywood as an editor on several television series, including “B.J. And the Bear,” “Sheriff Lobo,” and “Quincy.”

For purposes of review, I received a physical DVD entitled “A Nation Adrift”, which is available for $19.95.

A Nation Adrift is the true story of how God’s sovereign hand guided the founders of America. It is a lot like a visual timeline, with sound. Of course, in the beginning, most of the visual is done with paintings and such, and narrated quotes of the founding fathers. Quotes which, I might add, show quite clearly that they fully intended this country to be founded upon the Holy Bible and Christian principles. In fact, if you really think about it, most of our laws that have been around since that time are based directly upon those things.

A Nation Adrift actually begins WAY before the founding of America, all the way back to the beginning of the conflict between Islam and Christianity, which continues today. It takes us through Christopher Columbus’ journeys, the pilgrims, the first Thanksgiving feast (which was NOTHING like Thanksgiving meals today), & the Mayflower Compact.

You will see much about the Revolutionary War, and George Washington, a Christian man who became our first president. There was wonderful narration throughout, quotes from Washington and others, along with beautifully done visuals.

This DVD truly does cover quite a lot, for we also have much narration, quotes and images from the Civil war as well.

Eventually we came to relatively more modern times, beginning with World War 1, and continuing on through World War 2. At this point, the visual becomes more than the paintings and such that had to be used earlier, because it is covering a time when we were beginning to have “moving pictures”.

Throughout the second half of the DVD “A Nation Adrift”, we begin to see changes leading to our country’s drift away from God’s plan. This DVD is supposed to be for “general” audiences, however I personally would caution you that there is a point after we get to more modern times when I sent my children out of the room, as there were topics being dealt with that I’m just not prepared to discuss with them at this time. I did not send them out during the material about Margaret Sanger, because I wanted them to see her for who she really was, and the evil she founded. I have adopted special needs children, and mixed race children, and they were shocked at the direct quotes from Margaret Sanger regarding her agenda to convince black people to get on board with birth control, because she believed their population should be radically lowered, and quotes regarding how those who were retarded should also be eliminated. There was one quote where she said that the best thing a large family could do was to kill one of their infants.

It was at the point where there were detailed drawings and audio descriptions of late-term abortion that I sent my kids out to play. I am 56 years old, and had seen this before, and it was still disturbing to me, so I knew it would be to them as well. There also was video of a church being attacked by demonstrators for gay rights that was very disturbing, because it was clearly not faked. Members of the church could not even leave to go home because they were being attacked, and the demonstrators were holding signs which said “we want your children”, while shouting the same. Now, I do believe that God has given us free will, but that sort of thing is NOT going to change anyone’s mind, in my opinion.

All in all, I think this is a very well done documentary, and I would recommend it for adults, church leaders (all church leaders!), and possibly high school students, but not for young children. It is very well done.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful and thoughtful review. It sounds like something I may want my teen to see, though his grasp on history is already far better than most.

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