Our Family Is Mostly Well Again . . .

And now, chaos reigns once more. Now that they can go out and play, I’m having to referee arguments over who has to get the basketball when it’s gone under a bush where there may or may not be bees (it was some flies), who may or may not play with “Mr. Loquacious’s” rubber band ball that he made, etc, etc . . . But still, I’m very glad they are finally better, which I think all of my fellow mama’s can understand!

Today, we ran some quick errands, including delivering a “thank you for visiting” gift to some new visitors who came to our church this past Sunday, and hitting Sam’s Club for a few things I had forgotten to buy last time. Like my husband’s Kcups for his coffee machine. discovered last night that he had only a couple of days worth remaining. Crisis averted! 🙂

We came home and learned some cool things we had not yet realized about an online program we’ve been using, something you’ll be seeing the review for very soon (like today or tomorrow!).

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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