Feeling Sad . . .

We just received news last evening that a precious family in our church will be leaving, as the husband is definitely called to preach. He has been our choir director since we came to our church, and in charge of children’s ministries, and is resigning as a staff member in order to be free to candidate elsewhere.

His wonderful wife, who is a fellow blogger (I encourage you to follow her blog), serves in so very many ways, it’s really quite impossible to list them all.

On top of that, their children. Oh, their children, who are so delightful! Their two boys are such fun playmates for our boys at church, and their two little girls never fail to bring a smile to me. When I’m feeling down, it’s almost as though they know it, and come for a hug from me. I will miss them when they actually leave, as will everyone at Mesa Baptist Church.

Vaya con Dios, my friends, I love you!

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  1. It’s hard to lose wonderful church friends, members, and pastors. My condolences!

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