Dig-It! Games: Mayan Mysteries (Online Game) . . . A T.O.S. Review

My family was given the opportunity to review the Online game Mayan Mysteries from

From the company Dig-It! Games.

I chose this review for “Mr. Loquacious”, hoping it would work for him. He REALLY likes playing video games!

Mayan Mysteries is taking the player along as a part of “Team Q”, who are the characters Professor Alex Quinn and his niece and nephew Fiona and Charlie. They are after Ladrone, a thief who has a history of looting artifacts.

While trying to solve the mystery, the player will visit seven unique Mayan places, work through more than 25 challenging puzzles, and solve the mystery to save Ich’aak (a mythical Mayan city) from looters.

We received the single player edition, but there is also a classroom edition. Mayan Mysteries is interactive learning. It has an encyclopedia with more than 450 entries within the game, and will help enrich your student’s reading, geography, math, and critical thinking.

While this is not important to me, just in case it is to you I want to mention that Mayan Mysteries does align with National Standards for Social Studies, Math and Language Arts.

While this game is designed for students age 11 and older, the reading level was beyond “Mr. Loquacious” at this time, although he has been really trying, as he likes the mystery of the game. His older brother has been helping him with the reading when he is available. Unfortunately, as a result he has not gotten as far into the game as I would like him to be.

The one thing he likes is that it is a mystery. He says he likes going to the Mayan sites, too.

Because this game turned out to be harder for “Mr. Loquacious” than I thought it would be, as a result of how much reading is involved, “Mr. Loquacious” is now unwilling to play.

It is my thought that this is not a problem with this game, it was my mistake in which child I chose to have as the player.

However, his older brother “The Artist” is going to take over and complete the game. He is very much into video games too, as are all four of my boys. However, I am trying really hard to (gently, if possible) move them over to mostly educational games, whether they be video or otherwise.

I can see the educational value in the Mayan Mysteries game from Dig-It! Games. The student must use a lot of thinking skills, he or she can improve their skills in reading, they will learn a lot about Mayan culture and geography. I really like that it includes a good size encyclopedia within the game to help them learn even more.

I do think this is an excellent learning game, and “The Artist”, who is a much better reader, is eager to “Dig” in and solve the game!

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