Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth . . . A T. O. S. Review

When given the opportunity to review one of several DVD’s from the online company, I knew that for us, the only choice was going to be Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth.

My children, especially “The Artist” and “Mr. Loquacious” have been known to sit for hours watching nature programming on television (although Mr. Loquacious has a short attention span and drifts in and out), so I expected they would really like this one.

The company which became was actually started over a decade ago. Dr. Enis Sakirgil, a Turkish citizen, became a producer in the making of Apostle Paul and the Earliest Churches. This film was produced by leaders in the Turkish Church in order to make Christians in the west aware about the great amount of Biblical history in their country (Turkey.) Turkey is currently one of the nations least reached with the gospel.

Dr. Sakirgil emigrated to the United States with his family and began selling the film online, eventually selling other Christian mocies. At that point, was born. is now based out of Mora Minnesota. They continue to expand the gospel in Turkey via a partnership with a Turkish radio ministry.

Living Waters is a BEAUTIFUL film! While exploring the lives of dolphins, sea turtles, pacific salmon and humpback whales, we learned through wonderful filming, along with perfectly integrated drawings how absolutely impossible it is to reconcile the theory of evolution with intelligent design. This film shows, in just 68 minutes, that it would be simply impossible for the mutations called for in Darwinianism to have happened.

Here is a short trailer of the film for you:

When we see that the dolphins have been created with far better sonar than anything we could invent, it amazes me. We see them traveling through the ocean, zeroing on one fish in a whole school, and going after it. Dolphins are such beautiful creatures, and when we watched the film showing herds of them playing alongside a boat load of tourists, it was so pretty! It is obvious how very friendly they are.

Next up were the sea turtles, which were so cute, as they crawled from their nests in the sand! They immediately began their own trek toward the ocean, after which they would swim for at least 48 straight hours to escape the area they were in and get out into the deep ocean. We learned that they are imprinted with magnetic memory to get them where they needed to be, and then to eventually return to the very same hatching place they came from in order to lay their own eggs. It was fairly easy to see that the randomness of Darwinian theory could never have produced this.

Next up, the Pacific Salmon, which also travel from their birth place, but later come back to the exact place. They don’t use the same method as the sea turtles, but they do it just the same. How could this be possible, if they were simply a result of random mutations and natural selection? It was plain that this is the Lord’s design, as it is with the humpback whale.

The humpback whale is the most difficult to reconcile with the theory of Darwin. Pretty much everything about this creature directly defies that theory, but I would rather have you watch this film rather than give it all away.

Living Waters is a wonderful film, whether you view it as a lesson or simply as a nature film. I will say, however, that even as a nature film, you will learn a lot, without even realizing it. Review No 2
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