Logic of English: a T.O.S. Review

Well! This is the first experience we have had with the company Logic of English, and what we received was a very large, very full box!

For our review of Essentials 2nd Edition from Logic of English, we received, as I said before, a ton of stuff! First up, the hard cover teacher’s guide. Coming in at over 600 pages, it is very comprehensive!

Next up, we saw the very nice Student Workbook, for multi-level Reading, Spelling, Grammar & Vocabulary, which is over 300 pages. The really interesting, and different thing about this workbook is that it has three different levels in it, making it easy to use all three levels in a row for your child. It allows you to individualize you instruction for different children. Within this workbook are pages used in many, many spelling, vocabulary, phonics and grammar activities, which you will find in the Teacher’s Guide.

There is also a VERY nice Spelling Journal, A Student Created Reference. (I love the beautiful colors on the cover!) Your student can use this resource to help with troublesome words. They will check them for sounds that have more than one way of spelling, for example. They may enter the word in their journal, categorize by sound, figure out the possible spellings, discard options, and throughout, they are reinforcing the phonograms and spelling rules. This journal certainly will aid the student in mastering common misspellings by giving them a self-created tool with which to help them become more proficient.

Beyond what I’ve already described, we received the following:
  1. Quick Reference Guides (spelling rules, phonogram, etc)
  2. Spelling rule flash cards
  3. Grammar flash cards
  4. Basic phonogram flash cards
  5. Advanced phonogram flashcards
  6. Morpheme flash cards
  7. Phonogram game cards and game tiles

We were also blessed with the Essential Readers, which came in download format. These are great for the struggling older reader, and the one thing I think may convince “Mr. Loquacious” to continue with this. He has an issue with reading “anything that doesn’t interest me, or is to babyish”, but, he’s also resisted formal learning for as long as we have had him, so almost 6 years given that we adopted him and his twin in 2009.

My own personal opinion is that this is a very structured program, whereas I am NOT a very structured person, lol! However, if it works for him, and we can continue without argument, I can force myself int more structure if need be.

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