YWAM Digital Unit Studies: A TOS Review

For a few weeks now, along with 99 other crew review members, we have been reviewing one of the wonderful YWAM Digital Studies from YWAM Publishing.

A little something I had wondered about this company was what, exactly, the initials stand for, so I wet looking on their website.
According to the FAQ, YWAM is Youth With A Mission, and these unit studies are from the publishing division of the organization. Having looked at the YWAM site, it looks like a very good organization!

My boys and I were fortunate in that we received my very top choice when I applied, and thus, we have been reading the book Corrie Ten Boom, Keeper of The Angel’s Den and using the Digital Unit Study to go along with it.


For our review, we were sent the book Corrie Ten Boom as a physical product, and the unit study as a digital product.

I remember reading the story of Corrie Ten Boom in the book “The Hiding Place” when I was much younger, and have wanted to introduce her to my own children. I want them to fully understand that no matter how difficult they themselves often find it to choose their faith over fear of anything, whether it be fear of ridicule, fear of violence, or whatever it may be. Corrie Ten Boom is SUCH a wonderful example of this, along with her family!

Corrie and her family lived in Holland, in a home above their watch shop. Holland was eventually invaded by the Nazis, Corrie’s family, the Ten booms; began working to help save the lives of Jewish people who were, as we all know now, were in terrible danger.

They hid Jewish people in their home, and were part of the underground to help Jews escape the Nazis, and the death camps.

The Ten Boom family was eventually caught and arrested. Corrie and her sister were sent to a concentration camp called Ravensbruck, where they were definitely in danger of being killed by being gassed.

Corrie’s faith never wavered, though, and through it all, she showed others how to be tankful for even tiny things, such as the tiny fleas which infested the barracks in which she and her sister were held. Because of the fleas, the guards NEVER even stepped foot inside, which allowed the Ten Boom sisters to study their hidden Bible at night.

The Digital Unit Studies from YWAM are so good, and work for the different levels of our children.

I will tell you, that as we do with many unit studies, we are doing this as a group. Questions are given for each chapter, and we discuss them out loud. This seems to help with learning even more than trying to write everything out, particularly if you have reluctant writers.

The questions mentioned above, are always my favorite part when we are studying something, because if a question sparks another question, and another, then so much the better and we’re off on a rabbit trail! 🙂 However, there are geography sections, ideas for social studies, hands on activities, essays, and so on, therefore, there should be something that will work for just about everyone!

We like YWAM Unit Studies, and we think you will, too!

To read what 99 other crew review members think of this and other YWAM Digital Unit Studies, please click here.

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