I have recently had the fun of trying out a product for the moms, as opposed to just for the kids!

GREEMU is a plant based alternative to Emu Oil, which we reviewed last year. GREEMU is distributed by Devonian, and is available from Koru Naturals.

As more and more people begin to turn to plant based products instead of animal based, particularly when it comes to cosmetics and skin care, this is a fine new addition to the line up!

GREEMU contains natural ingredients such as

  • Rice Bran Oil
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Macadamia Seed Oil
  • Palm Oil

We received a 4 fluid ounce bottle of GREEMU to spend a few weeks trying out. I applied for this review not just for myself, but because two of our boys, “Mr. Loquacious” and “The Puzzler” are African/American, and one of them, “Mr. Loquacious”, is GREATLY resistant to putting lotion on his skin and/or oil in his hair. My hair stylist, who also cuts their hair, consistently has to put what looks like a LOT of oil on his head after he gets his hair cut! So, this is why I thought using this product might help.

“Mr. Loquacious’s” biggest issue is always with either the scent, the feel, or both when it comes to lotions or oils. GREEMU, however, is practically scentless, and is not greasy at all. So far, I think the use of GREEMU for them is a good choice, since they tend toward very dry and scaly scalps without some kind of oil. If I can get them to continue use (or at least “Mr. Loquacious”, since “The Puzzler” is completely willing to use it), I believe. I also think it may be helpful on their elbows and knees, which tend to get ashy looking. As I said before, “The Puzzler” will put lotion on every night whether reminded or not, while “Mr. Loquacious” will not without putting up a fight. Hopefully, this will change. đŸ™‚

I personally really love the feel of GREEMU on my own skin. I have been ill for some time, and haven’t been taking care of my skin or wearing make up. I have decided to try putting a drop or two on my face and rubbing it in, as a way of getting back to taking care of my skin. So far, I am pleased with the results. It really does take only a drop or two, and any that is left on my hands can be rubbed into them and onto my elbows.

As you read above, last year I reviewed the Emu Oil which can be purchased from the same company as GREEMU. I will tell you now that as nice as GREEMU is (and it is nice!), I personally preferred the Emu Oil. When I used it, my skin appeared to feel softer for a longer period of time, but that could just be me. They feel and smell almost identical, with the exception of one being slightly thicker than the other. Also, as I don’t have issues with sticking to plant based products, I don’t mind using the Emu Oil. I do know people who feel strongly on the topic however, so I feel that this is an excellent product for them, and I applaud Devonian Health and Beauty for spending the time and effort to develop it.

To read what other crew members think of this product, please click here.

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