Summer Vacation . . . NOT!

So, my kids are still “doing school” as they call it, though their friends are done for the year. As a member of the Review Crew, we receive review products almost year ’round, so even during the summer months they are doing something educational.

They do, however, only have to spend a short time each day for educational work, so really, they can do it and be done and playing with their friends fairly quickly. For example, today “Mr. Loquacious” worked with a review product which you’ll read about in my next post, and we all played an educational game that you’ll hear about by tomorrow! And both were fun!

So, this was just to wet your appetite, and make you want to keep turning in, lol!

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2 responses to “Summer Vacation . . . NOT!

  1. Mary Ann Hunter

    It doesn’t hurt them to have some educational things to do in the summer months. It just helps to keep them in the loop, with learning and not getting behind or forgetting things they have learned. I commend you, Lori…..

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