Fun Things Lately . . .

Over the past week or so, we’ve had a few fun things going on. A week ago last Saturday, my husband sent me out for some me time, and I went to my stylist Jody who gave me the works. I make the birthday cards she sends out in exchange for credit towards hair care, which is a win/win for us both!


This is the best I could do at replicating the way she styled it, but I’m practicing!

One day last week, “The Puzzler” walked to a new park in our community with some of the neighbor boys. It’s called “A Park Above,” and on that day was the “official” grand opening, which we didn’t know. So, “The Puzzler” and his friends got to take their picture with New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez while they were there! He’s been proudly showing it off ever since. 🙂


Until next time, always know that I would love to have you join me on all of my “Journeys Through Life.” Just go enter your email into the subscription box at the top of the blog, and you’ll know whenever there is a new post. Hope to see you here!

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