LearnBop For Families: My Review

In between illnesses, Vacation Bible School, and an emergency surgery on my part, we have been reviewing a new to us online math program called LearnBop For Families, from the company LearnBop.

For the purpose of review, we were generously given the pre-paid version (12 month subscription), which we could use for up to four students. So far, I have been using it with “Mr. Loquacious” and “The Puzzler”, with different results, because “The Puzzler functions much younger than “Mr. Loquacious” does. They are both special needs children, so I was worried over whether or not they would be able to handle this one at all.


LearnBop For Families is an adaptive,  interactive, self-paced math program meant for grades three through twelve, although I have been able to use it with the twins, neither of whom is at that level. This is because, although you can, when setting them up, simply put a student into a grade level, you can also choose what Learnbop calls “Learning Roadmaps.” Therefore, even though neither boy is really at even a third grade level in math, I was able to set them at the lowest grade, but then choose lower “Roadmaps” for each of them.

Once I got their accounts set up (super easy! I discovered I could do that using my phone!), they each got to choose their avatar for themselves. After that, they began by doing something called a “warm up”, which is basically an assessment to check for any missing knowledge they may need to catch up on. They will do this for each unit. The program will them personalize their units in order to focus on the concepts they most need to work on.

All through, there are videos to watch to help break down whatever concept the student is working on, in an easy way to understand. The student always knows when to watch a video or to do a “Bop” (math problem), because once they have done their warm up for each unit, the student’s dashboard tells him what to do next. If they get the problem wrong, then LearnBop goes over it with them step by step, so that they can learn how to do it the next time.

One thing I like very much is that whenever we need it done, I can go in and change their grade level and/or roadmap, as we attempt to place them where they need to be. I also like that I, as the teacher, have my own dashboard, where I can check on how they are doing at any time.

“Mr. Loquacious”  had a bit of trouble at first, because this was a different way of learning math than he had don before, but once I went over it with him a few times, he was fine on his own.



As you can see above, he was using a small tablet to work in LearnBop, which he really enjoyed! This is an android tablet, as is my phone, the one I  used to set them up with.

Here you see “The Puzzler” doing his work on the desktop, which he seemed to prefer . . .


As I said above, “The Puzzler” functions much younger, and he had a lot of trouble, even with basic addition and subtraction. To help him, I finally gave him a printed number line. After I showed him how to use it, he began doing better, and enjoying the program more. He actually ASKS to go on LearnBop now!

I do think this is a very well done program. I really like that it is adaptive and is able to adjust to what the student needs intuitively. I think this will help a lot when it comes to bringing the twins further along in beginning math.

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