Notebooking PagesLifetime Membership: My Review

Our family has been very blessed with the chance to review the Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership, which was generously provided to us by

I am not even going to pretend to be unbiased in this review. I am unabashedly in love with Notebooking Pages Life Time Membership! So far, I have not been able to find ANY topic that you would not be able to use with this product, and have discovered every topic under the sun that you CAN use it for! There are thousands of resources available, from those which are specifically topical, to those which are not, and could easily be used for any topic you want to use them for. They are not “cutsie-cute” like you might see for just young children, and so they can be used all the way through high school. The designs are simple but beautiful, and they are for the most part designed in black ink, which will save on ink.

Notebooking Pages is published by homeschooling Mom Debra Reed, who created this product to help her own homeschool, and now wants other homeschools to benefit from all her work in coming up with this. I can tell you right now, I’ve tried to come up with notebooking pages on my own, but wasn’t able to. and now, I don’t have to! Let’s take a look at the personal notebooking story by Debra Reed herself:

Notebooking is not like filling in workbooks or hurrying to finish a textbook by the end of the year (and we all know that if we PUSH to finish, there is not going to be much retention of learning.) Instead, it is almost like scrapbooking what they are learning, and then having a completed book that the student himself or herself has designed! It is not only a record of what they have learned, but is also a memento to keep, and look at often, thus cementing that knowledge into their brain.

Some of the positive things that notebooking does:

  •  Gives your student the ability to study topics more deeply and intently based on what interests him or her.
  • Not having to be confined to a curriculum’s scope and sequence
  • Allows the student to soak up important and interesting information while studying, along with gaining discipline in doing so.
  • The student will not only get the knowledge, but record his or her personal thoughts on what they are learning.
  • Eliminates studying and memorizing arbitrary facts for testing.
  • They will learn to love learning as they find purpose in study and make connections with what they are learning.

As I said above, there are SO many things to use in the Notebooking Pages Life Time Membership!

I’ve had “The Artist” looking through the topics, and of course his first choice was dinosaurs and anything natural science, so at some point he will be doing that. Right now, though, we are preparing to follow a notebooking across the USA unit study series published by a fellow blogger, in which she actually used the USA package from Notebooking Pages Life Time Membership. We are very much looking forward to doing this, especially when she get to our own state!

Meanwhile, we will be using other pages, and groups of pages, to cover whatever interests us, along with pages that may go along with something we are already studying. I encourage you to check out this product, and if you aren’t quite sure, you can download a 600 page sampler for free. But don’t blame me if it makes you jump right back over there and order the Notebooking Pages Life Time Membership! 🙂

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