Help Teaching Pro Subscription . . . My Review

We have found a wonderful resource to add to the education of our children! We were blessed with a one year subscription to the Help Teaching Pro Subscription from

Having only recently discovered that one of our boys “Mr. Loquacious” MUCH prefers to use worksheets, workbooks and the like along with some online resources, this was a timely blessing. This particular child has always been a reluctant learner, so this awesome site will be great for him!

The Help Teaching Pro subscription is just FILLED with material, enough that I really doubt you could run out within your one year subscription! It has resources from early education through grade 12, and for this review we are concentrating primarily on elementary resources.

There are many categories that you can look through, and they are extremely well-organized so that you can search both by grade level and subject!  Here are just a sampling of what is offered:

  • Early Education


  • Math


  • English/Language Arts

  • Science


  • Social Studies
  • Worksheet Makers
  • Printable Game Makers

And so very much more!

I discovered that we could create word search puzzles, which is a huge seller with “The Batman.” He just loves them, and always has, ever since he learned how to do simple ones years ago.

They are also happy that I can use Help Teach Pro to create crossword puzzles! This is a fun way to work on words they are struggling with.

There is a test room in which you can assign your students to go and do a test, and you can monitor their performance, however, the student will need his or her own email address so that you can send them a link to what you wish them to do. We aren’t using that portion of, since my kids are not on email and we don’t really do testing.

There are many lesons your child can view, from linked outside websites. They will generally include a video, questions and answers, and a test. They will find these covering science, language arts and math.

At this time, there are over 550 lessons you can assign. However, rather than doing this I thought about what we were learning at a given time and looked for worksheets, games, and the like that would complement the things we were already learning about. This is a method that seems to work well for our family. offers a free sign up for those who would like to try it before purchasing. Even with the free membership you will get a lot, but really, at only $24.95 per year I highly recommend the Pro subscription. It can be used for multiple students, and you will receive much more content.

Again, this is an extremely worthwhile subscription, and I feel very blessed to have been able to review it. We will use this quite often over this next year! 🙂

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