Remember, Voting is More Than a Right!

It is also a privilege. If we don’t exercise it, it could well be taken away sometime in the future. I also believe quite strongly that if you do NOT exercise this right, in EVERY election, you (at least morally) forfeit any right to complain about those who are elected, or what they do with their leadership.

Here in New Mexico, we have early voting, something we did not have when we lived in Michigan. A couple of days ago, “The Batman,” “The Artist” & I went to our closest polling place, our local library. We exercised our right and our privilege, with “The Artist” voting for his very first time. He and his brother were both very excited, which tells us we are doing something right in teaching them how important this is. It was windy that day (hence my messy hair) and the sun was shining into “The artist’s” eyes (the reason he looks like he’s frowning, but it was a very good feeling!


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