Captain Absolutely . . . Our Review

My boys have discovered graphic novels, but most of them that we have found have in my husband’s and my opinion to be really way too mature for our boys. Because of this, I was thrilled to introduce them to Captain Absolutely from Focus On The Family!
Captain Absolutely is over one hundred pages of exciting comic book style story which had the boys captivated. As a matter of fact, I was barely able to even get the mailing package open when “The Artist” had it GONE from my hands, lol! He had it finished in less than two hours!
The other boys are also enjoying this story, although they have yet to get it completed as they all read slower than does “The Artist.”
Captain Absolutely comes to us from Focus On The Family,
and it is a spin off of the  Adventures in Odyssey series, a program that I can remember playing on the car radio for my kids when they were young and we had to run errands during the time it was being broadcast. We really enjoyed the program, so I was sure they would love this book! I was right, too!
Captain Absolutely tells us the story of librarian Josiah King. When there is an explosion, he takes shelter in a room full of Bibles, and while waiting to be rescued from the rubble, he begins reading the Bible, which he’s never seen before. In fact, the sign says they are BANNED! You see, Metropolitanville, where the library is, happens to be a city where anything goes, nobody has any sense of right or wrong.
During this time while stuck in the room reading, the city’s radioactive core was leaking, and slowly filling the room. By morning, a great change had happened to him, and as seems to always be the comic book way that superheros are made, the radioactive leak has made him into CAPTAIN ABSOLUTELY! And, like all superheros, Captain Absolutely has a nemesis. His name is Dr. Relative, who goes by the world view that right and wrong is changeable based on what is best for him at any given moment.
“The Artist” just told me that his favorite character is Lord Foulspleen. He says this is because he is  former time traveler who destroyed priceless works of art, until Captain Absolutely arrested him. When he was in prison, he turned his life over to The Lord, showing that everyone can get a second chance. Now he works at the Art Museum and supports Captain Absolutely. He also says it was fun to do the questions in the back of the book. You can check your answers because it gives the page number that goes with the questions.
“The Artist” also likes that the book says “God’s Word is true, but it’s not always simple. Discuss these questions with a parent or youth pastor as you dig deeper into Captain Absolutely.”

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