Amazing Milestone For “The Batman!”

So, as those who know me personally are aware, our son “The Batman” has never been able to tie his shoes. He simply couldn’t make his fingers do the job. Once we could no longer get velcro shoes for him, we found curly laces, which have been perfect for years.

Image result for curly laces image

Recently though, I took him out for new sneakers. He REALLY wanted Batman sneakers, because we have a friend who portrays Batman in Heroes Alliance NM, and he showed our “Batman” HIS Batman sneakers. Well, by the time we got around to getting him some, all they had were high tops. Sadly, the curly laces are just not long enough.

Our “Batman” was determined to learn to properly tie his Batman sneakers, so my husband went to YouTube and found a good, easy instructional video, which you can view here.

It really only took a few minutes of practicing with his new sneakers, and now, he’s tying them like a pro!


And our friend Batman from Heroes Alliance NM allowed me to use the following picture for Our “Batman,” who also, by the way, did in fact give me permission to write about him finally being able to tie on my blog.


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  1. Mary Ann Hunter

    Alright Alex!!!!!!!! Great Job, so proud of you……..

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