K5 Learning Online Program: My Review

Our family received a six month subscription to the K5 Learning online program,

which I have chosen to use with our twins, “Mr. Loquacious” and “The Puzzler.” They both need a lot of work in math and reading, so I thought this might be a good thing for them. When they came into our family at the age of eight, they could only read and write their names. That’s it. And then the first couple of years, we ended up having to put away the school stuff and school for them needed to be “how to be in a family.”


“Mr. Loquacious” was NOT pleased about this program, because he insists he is in eighth grade. He is not, but he recently spent time in an accredited public school situation and they told him that’s where he was.

K5 Learning Online Program is actually intended as a supplement, as opposed to a full curriculum. This means that it would also be a good fit for children who are not being homeschooled, but need help in the areas of math, reading and/or spelling. It is available on a monthly or a yearly basis.

“The Puzzler” is very much enjoying this program, and did not balk one bit over doing the assessment at the beginning. To be fair, he had already heard me telling his brother “Mr. Loquacious” many, many times that the instructions explicitly said I was not to help him during the assessment, that it is meant to give him questions which might be too hard or too easy. This is how the system figures out where the student needs to be placed.

“Mr. Loquacious” discovered that in math, the system placed him in early 4th grade, and in reading he was placed in a combination of mid 3rd grade (phonics), high 3rd grade (sight words), and early 4th grade (vocabulary and reading comprehension).

“The Puzzler” was placed in high K (measurement), early 1st grade (Geometry) and high 1st grade (Number and Operations) for the different math sections, and for reading he was placed in a combination of mid K (comprehension) early 2nd (sight words) high 2nd (phonics) and early 4th grade (vocabulary)

One thing they both liked was that there were little breaks in the assessment when there was a game to play.

Once the assessments have been done, the student may begin lessons. Lessons are done online, but some of them will offer printable worksheets with which the student can practice what they are learning.

The program is animated, and speaks to the student. If you have an auditory learner, this is great! My kids are both visual and auditory, so being able to read and hear helps them. They enjoyed the little jokes and riddles given at the beginning when they would go online as well.

With spelling, you the parent/teacher will enter the spelling list for the child. The program will read it aloud,, tell the student the definition, and use it in a sentence, after which the student must type in the proper spelling of the word.

Over all, I think this is just perfect for “Mr. Loquacious” and “The Puzzler”! I think competition will keep “Mr. Loquacious” going (he was excited that he scored higher than his twin), and “The Puzzler” just really likes “doing school,” as he puts it.

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