Trust Fund, From Mapelle Films: My Review

I feel very blessed to have received for purpose of this review the movie “Trust Fund” from Mapelle Films.

I also received the companion book Love Was Near, a very good book which gives a lot more background into the story given to us in the film.

There is also a fabulous downloadable study guide  available, which you can use on your own, or even in a small group!

This film is sort of  a modern take on the prodigal son story, but instead of a son, the prodigal is a daughter. So you may wonder why I asked for this when I have only sons, right? Well, right off the bat, I will tell you that the trailer caught me in about 30 seconds!

Also, I have my own child who has been struggling with the “Prodigal Son” issue. In fact, when he came back from teen camp last week and all of the teens gave their testimony and favorite message from camp, the Prodigal Son was his. I had no idea that he heard that, he didn’t tell us until then. But he said that it hit him hard because he’s been “pretty low” himself.

I think the reason this film hit me hard is that I am the eldest child in my family. I sort of identified much more with Audrey, the main character Reese’s older sister. I can remember feeling exactly the way Audrey felt whenever my parents appeared to give unwarranted leeway, etc, to my younger brothers.

In the film Trust Fund, Reese is much more of a “free spirit” than is her older sister Audrey. Audrey is the “responsible one,” as is often the case with the eldest child. This is something I greatly identify with, as I said above.

In reading the companion book Love Was Near, I discovered that it is not a “behind the scenes” type book about the making of the film. This book reads like a novel, and gives a ton more background into the story of Reese and her family. It is written by the character Reese, and there are little write-in sections throughout where you are asked to think about what you just read, think about the question being asked, and write about it. There are no “right” answers, this is personal to each viewer and each reader. It is an excellent companion to the film Trust Fund.

In the story Trust Fund, Reese does something that I believe in her heart, she knows she shouldn’t do, that it is very wrong. I believe this because she hesitates a number of times before she actually does it. After taking this step and fleeing back to Italy (where she had recently come home from) and to the man she fell in love with there, she finds herself in very serious, and frightening trouble. I am not going to give away too much of this story, and certainly not giving away the ending. I really want you to go and get this film Trust Fund, and I want you to also get and work through both the book Love Was Near and the study guide. I believe very strongly that these three products can make a difference in your own life.

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