USA Activity Bundle From The Crafty Classroom: Our Review

We have had the fun of reviewing The USA Activity Bundle for a little while now. Because we are preparing to work through a United States study that may be more intensive soon, I thought this might be a good way to start, along with the fact that we can perhaps incorporate this into whatever we find later on our own.


The USA Activity Bundle was provided to us for the purpose of this review by The Crafty Classroom, Where you will find an abundance of fun things to help your children learn!

We have decided to do the states in perhaps a different way than others did. We are not doing them alphabetically, and we are not doing them in order of statehood, either. Instead, remembering that in 2012 we drove through seven states during our move from Michigan to New Mexico, we began with the states we came through, beginning with Michigan and going through to New Mexico. Below you can see the boys working on some of the pages. We already owned two different United States atlas books for kids, plus we were able to look things up on the internet as well. A favorite fact was something we had discovered shortly after moving here, that New Mexico has an official state cookie called the Biscochito. It’s really good, too! Finding it while grocery shopping right after coming here, I HAD to buy it, thereby going off my list for one of my very first times!

One of the things I appreciate about this set is that it is made very simple, so all of my boys could do it, although one of them needed some help from his brothers.

We really like the way this set was created. There is an activity page and a maze for each state, and there are art cards for 27 birds (because some states share the same bird). The mazes are each in the shape of the respective state, which is a lot of fun! After doing the states we came through on our trip when moving, I haven’t yet decided whether then to go back and do them alphabetically, in order of statehood, or simply let the boys decide in what order to do them and then put them all together in a specific order. Whatever way we do it, it is looking like it is going to be “fun schooling” around here! 🙂

Here is a picture of some of the states as completed by my boys. I could only fit these sets into the picture, but it gives you an idea of what you will be doing, and how simple it will be:


As you can see above, I have one child (The Puzzler) who decided the Michigan Robin should look the way HE wanted it to, lol!

Once we have completed all of the states, there are a couple of cute games to print out and play. They are called Roll Across America and USA Bingo.

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