Apologia Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day Lapbook . . . Our Review

Our family has very much enjoyed the Apologia Exploring Creation Through . . . books for some time, so when we were given the opportunity to review the Apologia Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day Lapbook From A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks, We were very excited!

A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks have such an abundance of wonderful Lapbooks that you and your children can learn with, enough really, to cover several years worth of education! I really like the Learning Lapbooks created to go with the science education books written by Jeannie Fulbright.  They are written from a definite Christian perspective, which I so appreciate. So many non-Christians seem to believe that we don’t believe in science, but the truth is that science was CREATED by God.

This project has been fun for “The Artist,” because he really enjoys learning about sea creatures, and is constantly watching programs about swimming creatures on the Science Channel and National Geography channel.

The Lapbook itself takes 13 folders, but as homeschoolers will do, we tweaked it a bit and used a notebook instead. “The Artist” chose green and blue card stock because they are colors from the sea.
Each lesson gives very specific instructions for what to do, right on the page with the mini books to be cut out and glued into the section. “The Artist” kept the various booklets in separate zip bags until he was ready to glue them into the book.



Each lesson component also tells the student where in the textbook to read in order to find the information he or she needs to write in the mini book, something that I personally like. It means that whatever level your student is at, he or she should be able to handle it.

We printed the color version of the cover for “The Artist” to put into the clear cover insert of his notebook.


He was very happy that we were able to do this in a notebook as opposed to the file folders, given that he has done many lapbooks and wanted to do one in a notebook instead. Here he is working on the various chapters, and showing them in his book.

As always, we really love A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks, and highly recommend them!


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