Magic Stix Washable Markers, From The Pencil Grip, Inc. – Our Review


My boys have very happily been using Magic Stix Washable Markers for a while now, and were just about grabbing this set of markers before I even managed to finish getting it out of the shipping box! The Pencil Grip, Inc. was so generous that they gifted us, for the purpose of this review the 24 pack of Magic Stix Washable markers.


We have been blessed to review for this company in the past, and you can read those reviews (of various products) here.

This time around, my two main artists used the Magic Stix Washable Markers. “The Artist” has really been into drawing fantastic creatures.


He also drew this fun picture of a family of fruit characters . . .


And a lovely picture of our dog, Shiloh!


“Mr. Loquacious” has been very interested in making drawings of flags for a long time, having been working on a notebook full of USA state flags, each with pertinent facts, for a long time. But then, the Olympics started, and he wanted to do flags from the countries participating!

Here we have the flag of Albania . . .IMG_20180306_131446

The flag of Argentina . . .


And the flag of Antigua and Barbuda . . .


Here are some of the other flags he has done . . .


As you can see from the drawings, the colors here are wonderful!

Magic Stix come in a very nice heavy-duty plastic case, which is easily opened and closed.


I especially appreciate this, because I always know where these markers are when they are not being used. This is because even my most lackadaisical kids enjoy seeing to it that the markers are back in the kit, and closed up tight. Because of this, I think this would be a perfect fun thing to pack when going on a trip. Include a tablet of heavy paper, and you will be good to go! For educational purposes on the trip, the kids can journal (in pictures) interesting things done and seen while traveling.

Although I was afraid to test this, the Magic Stix Washable Markers are guaranteed that they can be left without a cap for seven days, and they won’t dry out! A number of other members or the Review Crew did test this, and wrote about it in their reviews, along with the guarantee that they are washable. The markers are also odor free (a plus, in my opinion!) and non-toxic.

“The Puzzler” is using some of the Magic Stix Washable Markers in a review of another product, coming very soon. Maybe you will be able to spot them!

Please, click the banner below to read the fair and honest reviews from ninety-nine of my fellow crew members. You’ll read great reviews, and see lots of terrific artwork, too!

Magic Stix Washable Markers {The Pencil Grip, Inc. Reviews}

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