Princess Cut From Watchman Pictures . . . Our Review

I was so happy to be given a copy of the Christian Film titled Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures to watch with my boys!

Now you may well be shaking your head and wondering . . . “Why on earth did she want this for her BOYS?” Well, I am going to tell you why, true love is worth waiting for your boys, too! In my viewpoint, it isn’t just girls who should wait, and should avoid intimacy and casual relationships.

Waiting on The Lord and avoiding those casual relationships is something Grace Anderson has not been very good at in her life.

After dating someone for fifteen months, Carolina girl Grace is hoping he will propose. For a portion of their relationship, Stewart has been away at college, meaning they have had a long distance relationship. When things sadly don’t turn out as Grace had hoped, she has to learn what real love is all about.

Grace has a very loving family, each of whom tries to help in their own way. Watch for the way her little brother thinks would be the best way to help Grace find the love of her life, and think back to the antics of your own little brothers!

Grace does meet a young man and begin dating him, but this is all part of the process in discovering how she must “become the person God wants you to be.” Only then will she recognize who God is bringing to her for the rest of her life.

Here is a short trailer of the movie Princess Cut:

The point in the story when Grace’s best friend Tess has suggested that she go have a free session with her (Tess’s) mother’s therapist. What the therapist recommends, along with Grace’s reaction, told me everything I needed to know about whether this film would be in line with my husband and my beliefs, which we are trying to impart to our boys.

There is an adjoining plot about the family farm that has been in Grace’s father’s family for generations. We see how important it is to work together and even at times accepting help from others even in physical labor to help bring in an extremely important crop.

We also see how unexpected visitors can put a monkey wrench into the best laid plans, and then have to be taken care of in a decisive way.

Being honorable, doing things correctly when it comes to establishing a relationship with a young woman by including her parents and asking for their blessing on the wish to explore the possibility of marriage is a big part of this story, one I feel is so important. When Grace says she feels as though her heart has been tossed around like a football from dating a variety of guys, it really speaks to why casual dating is ultimately hurtful.

In the end, will Grace listen to the Lord? Will she just follow her own wishes without counsel? Will she be bound to the man God wants for her? Will she be single? I’m sorry, I’m afraid you will have to watch the film for yourself, no spoilers from me! But I promise, you will not be disappointed in this production.

Watchman pictures is currently working on a couple of sequels to Princess Cut and I can hardly wait to be able to see them!

To read about what many of my fellow Homeschool Review Crew members think of this film, please click on the banner below.

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  1. Great review. So excited that you are teaching your boys godly principles. I have four daughters and so glad there are godly mommas raising godly sons. 🙂 🙂

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