Digital, Multimedia Books From Weigl Publishers: Review

We have been enjoying a “new to us” concept, digital, multimedia books from Weigl Publishers. Now, we have had experience with digital books, but for the first time we are also enjoying the enhancement of online extras!

We received three media enhanced books, There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant, A Lion’s World Glaciers from Weigl Publishers for the purpose of this review.

“There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant” is just hilarious! When reading it, you will surely be reminded of an old song about a certain old lady who also swallowed odd things, but this one was perfect for us given that we now live in the southwest (New Mexico)! You can just read the downloaded book, or if you choose, you can go to the website given, type in the special code in the book, answer a question, and then the computer will narrate the story as you go. The added enhancement will help younger readers enjoy the story more.

“A Lion’s World” is non-fiction. This is a very quick read, and has the same basic online enhancement as does “The Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant.” The pictures are just so beautiful, and the lions running are just wonderful! This one is clearly for the younger children, but even I enjoyed it! In its simplicity, it helps the reader learn about lions, their habits, surroundings, and how they live their lives.

“Glaciers” is the favorite around here! With even more online interactive materials, I can see us going back to this many times for the online content. Once you type the unique code from your pdf book into the website and answer the question you are given, you then can access a wealth of additional materials. Throughout the book you will see symbols for audio, video, activities, web links, maps, quizzes, and much more. Learn about how to use these tools here. Then, you can learn about:

  • the body of a glacier
  • glaciers by size and location
  • how they move
  • different glaciers around the world
  •  glaciial deposits and lakes
  • Icebergs

And more, with a combination of the book, videos, activities, timelines, quizzes, transparancies, keywords, and so very much more. We are enjoying “Glaciers” a great deal, and as I said above, I’m sure we will continue to do so for some time!

This is such an excellent resource, that it makes me think I might find other gems among the library of books from this publisher!

I really like the offerings from Weigl Publishers, and I think you will, too!

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