Smart Kidz Radio From Smart Kidz Media {Review}

Smart Kidz Media’s newest offering, Smart Kidz Radio, can be described as edutainment with songs for kids. I really have liked listening to the live-streaming radio programming. This is actually created for children from age 2 – 10, but can also be enjoyed by older kids (like me!)

But there is much more than songs here. We’ve been greatly enjoying the podcasts, which are actually radio dramas of well-loved fairy tales. Everything is focused on teaching a character value. In fact, even as I am typing this review, we are listening to Treasure Island, and earlier we listened to The Three Musketeers and Rumplestiltskin! Most of the audio dramas are around 20 minutes long, and are like short movie without visual. They are acted out beautifully, and include scoring and sound effects.

When I go to the podcast section, I see numerous choices, and click on the one we want to hear.

Our favorites so far have been those mentioned previously, along with Aladdin and His Magic Lamp and Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves.

You and your children can stream Smart Kidz Radio on a variety of devices, making it easy to go mobile if you are away from your desktop, or your child wants to listen when you are listening to or watching something else.

This is not a strictly Christian broadcast program, but it is definitely character based. It is nice to discover something that children can listen to, without their parents needing to worry about objectionable themes and language. My kids are older, and I still stay mostly away from radio because you just never know what will be played next! Even your little ones can listen to the music, and you know that they will be listening to something clean.

I wouldn’t even object to private listening with headphones!

Everything I have talked about here is free! They will also have an upgrade offering on demand listening, which will be available for a small fee.

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