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The Music & Creativity – Foundation Course from Simply Music, is a self study program which might be a good way for you to decide if those piano lessons you have been considering for your student would be worth the time and the money. Why? Because it is absolutely, no strings, free. I can’t think of a better way to explore whether or not you, or your student may have an interest before laying out funds for lessons than FREE!

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Simply Music is an international music education organization which was founded  by an Australian music educator named Neil Moore. This is an online video course, and to get started all your student will need is a keyboard with at least 48 keys, and access to the internet. With those two things, Mr. Moore will take the student through “playing based” music learning. Here is a quick video he did about this:

A printable keyboard is offered, so that a student can practice fingering moves even when away from the piano, simply by listening to lessons on their smart phone. I like that. Also offered is an e-book titled “Music and the Art of Long-term Relationships.” This book explains a lot of Mr. Moore’s musical philosophies. His reason for this course is to help students have a love for music forever. You can also download the soundtracks of the music that your student will play along with.

The idea here is to learn by seeing patterns in music, as opposed to learning to read the notes to play music. Since “The Batman,” “The Artist” and I have had regular piano lessons, this is an uncomfortable method for us, however I think that especially when it comes to those who have no experience this may be just the way to go.

As this is a video course, there are multiple videos, of course! I do like that, because I need to SEE what I am being taught, along with hearing it. My boys, however, hate doing the practice time involved with traditional piano lessons, so this is fun for them. I do think they will enjoy continuing with this, although I will more likely go back to working through my piano lesson books until we can afford to pay a new teacher for me (our teacher moved away).

So again, as I said at the top of this review, if you have not had lessons, this would be a great way to guage interest befor coming up with the money for lessons. I encourage you to read the thoughts of the 44 other reviewers by clicking on the banner below!

Learn to Play the Piano with Music & Creativity - Foundation Course {Simply Music Reviews}


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