Let’s Go Geography {Our Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

My boys and I are having a lot of fun Let’s Go Geography Year 2 a weekly homeschool geography curriculum from Let’s Go Geography

Let’s Go Geography is such a fun way to learn, especially if a lot of world or across states travel is not within your budget, as is the case for OUR family!

We received a two year access to Year 2, which means we have a full two years time to get all of the lessons downloaded for use. This will allow us to go at our own pace, even if “our pace” is slower than expected. You can see below in the middle column what year two covers:

geography 3

While I would love to have done Year 1 first, I definitely feel that each year can stand on its own, so we can always get it later if we like. In addition, I feel that each lesson stands alone, so that we can skip around based on interests. After a bit of learning about the continents in the first lesson, The boys chose and completed their travel journal covers.

geography 4


They chose to 3-hole punch and use them as title pages, instead of putting them on the outside cover.
Although Antarctica is not one of the lessons this time around, they were given a short video about it for viewing.
geography 11
From there, we chose to begin with the United States of America. The boys’ favorite so far has been “The Mountain West” because this is the part of the USA where we live. Within each chapter is the following:
  • Are You Ready?


North America Country:

the United States of America Capital (of the United States of America

Largest City (of the Mountain West):

Official Language:  Least Populous State:

(compare to USA: 323,625,762)

  • Map It!

Printing out one or two maps, coloring specific states according to clues.

Here, you can see the boys doing map work.

geography 9

  • The Flag

We printed out a page of flags, the boys colored them according to the instructions and then adhered them to a page with the continent printed on it, and then connecting it by a line to where the flag is from.

  • The Music

We were given in this chapter 2 video links, one for the National Anthem of the USA, and one of a folk song of the old west cowboy days.

  • Let’s Explore!

There are a few pages with pictures and facts about different places in the region, along with videos about different places. A favorite of the boys was a video about the balloons ascending in Albuquerque NM, because We happen to live in the area, and have twice bneen to the International Balloon Festival.

  • Create!

In this lesson, it’s a coloring page about the Buffalo.

  • Craft

There is generally an optional craft.

  • Printables

Every printable needed for this lesson.

Probably my favorite thing about this curriculum is that the videos the boys click on are through safeyoutube, which until now, I had never even heard about. I appreciate that the authour of this gave thought to doing that!

My kids have so enjoyed this, and even some of “The Batman’s” action figures have been enjoying learning with him! 🙂

geography 7

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    Very interesting my sister needs to think about this for my nephew he homeschooled.
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