Shopping During the Madness: Corona Virus Insanity

People! Stop It!

Yes, the Corona Virus is a bad thing. Yes, we are supposd to be social distancing. Yes, if you get sick you may have to quarantine for a couple weeks.

But, what is going on is insanity. Not only have people lost their minds, they have lost their common decency. There is no reason whatsoever for the grocery shelves to be looking like this, every day, even after being fully restocked. You do NOT need to behave as though you will be locked into a bomb shelter  for the next few years. You do not need to act as though it’s only important that you get everything, even if others get nothing. This is what it looks like in my local Smith’s (Kroger), and it’s rediculous.

It’s rediculous to see pictures of people lining up around the store buildings before opening.


Hearing about fist fights in stores because people are panic buying is horrible. This country has been whipped into a frenzy of fear, and as a result, unwilling to be kind and decent to one another. Is this how our country should be behaving?

People! Stop it!

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One response to “Shopping During the Madness: Corona Virus Insanity

  1. Alice Elaine

    I agree. This hoarding of stuff (especially toilet paper) is absurd. In fact, it makes absurd look good. Therefore, I have no words that could possibly explain this madness as in “how many rolls of toilet paper do you really need to give you happiness???”

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