Beyond the Stick Figure Art School

(Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.)

I was so happy to get the opportunity to receive a great homeschool art curriculum called the Beyond the Stick Figure Complete Drawing Course PLUS 3 Bonus courses from Beyond the Stick Figure Art School!

Stick figure 2

My son “The Batman” gets very upset when he is unable to draw like his brother “The Artist,” so when I showed him the sample lesson before applying for this review and saw how excited he was to try it, it made me very happy. You can check out the sample lesson by going here and scrolling down to the second video. This video was what showed my son that he COULD do this!

This course will be great for our entire family! “The Batman,” his Dad, and I are all at a very, very beginning level. Right now, “The Batman” is the only one using it, but his Dad has expressed interest, and I may try it myself. Our son “The Artist” is very interested in the other courses, as he is a natural artist and far beyond our abilities.

The bundle we received for the purpose of this review are:

  • Beyond the Stick Figure Complete Drawing Course ($525 value)

3 parts with 53 video lessons and a rubric to evaluate your own work.

stick figure 4

  • Watercolor and Pen & Ink Course  ($297 value)

2 parts with 15 video lessons.

stick figure

  • Introduction to Acrylic Painting Course ($325 value)

3 parts with 52 video lessons.

Stick figure 3

  • Introduction to 3 D Design Course ($298 value)

3 parts with 30 video lessons.


With lifetime access and email support, this bundle is well worth it!


Right now, “The Batman is the only student. He is really loving this, and asks almost every day (sometimes even on the weekends) if he can do “Art school, Mom?” Unless we are very busy, I usually say “of course!” He is very focused on the drawing course, which starts at the very beginning, with extreme basics such as circles, straight lines, dots and curved lines.

stick figure 10

There are downloadable worksheets, which “The Batman” really liked, especially when he learned how to print them himself from his Chromebook.

stick figure 11

The teacher, Sally showed him how to put straight lines, circles and curved lines to make a simple flower.

stick figure 5

At Sally’s direction, “The Batman made a sheet with the colors in his marker kit, labelling them with color name and number. His brother helped him by writing the labels.

stick figure 13

On another sheet, he showed the primary colors, and which ones went together to create secondary colors.stick figure 14

Being encouraged to let himself go and make abstract art while practicing the circles and the straght lines, for example, hgas really made a difference in his thinking. He is realizing that it doesn’t matter if his art is like “The Artist’s,” his is just as good but different!

All in all, we really like this curriculum!

In order to see all of the lessons ahead of time, you need to mark everything completed. This is literally the only thing I would love to see changed. I’d like to see a better method for the parent to see this without having to do this. We ended up letting “The Batman: pretty much do this on his own, coming to me only when he didn’t understand something, and marking it all completed would have been confusing for him. He is developmentally delayed, so it was important to have him be able to simply check the next uncompleted lesson.

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Beyond the Stick Figure Complete Drawing Course {Beyond the Stick Figure Art School}

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