“Bible Unearthed” From Drive Thru History® Adventures {Review}

(Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.)

Because we’ve never had the opportunity to use the Dave Stotts and Drive Thru History® Adventures, we were super excited to receive the upcoming course “Bible Unearthed” to review.

Bible Unearthed is a 12 week course, with one adventure completed in each week.

  • Episode 1: What is Archaeology? This lesson teaches what Archaeology is, various focuses within it and how it is done.
  • Episode 2: The Impact of Archaeology. ( Why is it important?)
  • Episode 3: Locationg Archaeological Sites ( Using Geography, for example)
  • Episode 4: The Life of an Archaeologist ( What does he/she do in their day? and what DON’T they do?)
  • Episode 5: What’s Being Discovered Today? Over the past several years, a number of finds have corrolated with information in The Holy Bible.
  • Episode 6: Archaeological Mysteries ( How Archaeological mysteries related to The Bible are being discovered and solved )
  • Episode 7: Top Discoveries in Bible Archaeology ( Incredible finds over about the past 150 years which are related to The Bible )
  • Episode 8: Getting Involved With Archaeology ( How to get involved with archaeological work )
  • Episode 9: Trends in Archaeology ( Using new technology )
  • Episode 10: Weird Archaeology ( discoveries in archaeology that are legitimate and weird. They are unexplained or just outright strange. )
  • Episode 11: Accidental Discoveries in Archaeology ( incredible finds discovered not by a professional archaeologists as the result of archaeological projects, but all were accidentally discovered.)
  • Episode 12: What’s Left to be Discovered? ( find out why there are sites not being dug into, etc )

For each lesson there is a video episode, a guide and worksheet, an answer guide and Dig Deeper articles. There are also activities to do in many of the lessons.

This is a self pacing course, therefore each family can use it in whatever way works best for them.

A suggested schedule is:

Monday: Watch the episode and read the written exposition/breakout materials.

Watching one of the video adventures on the laptop:

Tuesday: Complete the optional activity, if there is one.
Wednesday: Read the Dig Deeper articles, and/or conduct outside research.
Thursday: Re-watch the episode, while reviewing the written materials.
Friday: Complete the worksheet with short answers, and compare to the answer guide.

Here, you see an example of a couple things you will find sprinkled throughout the lessons:

The course ‘Bible Unearthed” from Drive Thru History® Adventures is very engaging! The video adventures are fun to watch and learn from. We will definitely be looking at learning from other Drive Thru History® Adventures in the future!

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