Shopping for Freezer Meals . . .

On Friday November 13, Our governor basically ordered us shut down again. Here are our new restrictions.

As it happens, I had already planned to go out and do my shopping for my freezer meals for the next month, so out I went, immediately after the news conference. Look what I encountered . . .

This is what it looked liked after we got out of the car:

And from our position in line:

Once we got in (about 20 minutes later) this is what it was like. Already.

Why, you ask? Because we know from experience that a “two week” restriction order means way more than two weeks. I hope your state is not being as badly restricted!


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2 responses to “Shopping for Freezer Meals . . .

  1. We went to Sam’s Club Tuesday for the Thanksgiving food (just for the 2 of us) and really stocked up. Our Florida governor takes no action so it is up to us to quarantine safely in our home for the next 3 to 6 weeks depending on how bad it gets out there.
    I hope NM starts to see improved stats soon from these efforts. Stay safe.

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