Art History Program from Creating a Masterpiece {Review}

Disclosure: I received this complementary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

For a little over a month now, my son “The Artist” has been checking out the Art History Program from Creating a Masterpiece. 

Having reviewed a different level from Creating a Masterpiece a couple of years ago, he was very eager to give the Art History Program a try. In this program, he found 3 different catagories with a number of projects within them.

In catagory 1, Styles of Art in History

  • Cave Drawing Period: Hunting the Wild Bull (Faux Cave Drawing)
  • Mesopotamian Period: King Sargon (Relief Sculpture)
  • Egyptian Period: The Royal Hunt (Colored Marker)
  • Aegean Period: Fish in Fresco (Fresco)
  • Greek Period: Mythical Dragon (Relief Sculpture)
  • Roman Period: The Centurion (Bust Sculpture)
  • Byzantine Period: Hummingbird (Faux Stained Glass)
  • Byzantine Period: Eagle in Profile (Millet Seed Mosaic)
  • Romanesque Period: Rose Window (Colored Marker)
  • Gothic Period: Knight (Faux Metal Working)
  • Early Renaissance Period: Red Squirrel (Egg Tempera)
  • High Renaissance Period: The Giraffe (Glass Etching)
  • Northern Renaissance Period: Floral Etching (Scratch Art)
  • Mannerism: Girl with the Umbrella (NuPastel)
  • Baroque Period: Peacock (Printmaking)
  • Neoclassicism Period: An Apple A Day (Oil Painting)
  • Romanticism Period: Enchanted Valley (Oil Painting)
  • Romanticism Period: Golden Countryside (Oil Painting)
  • Realism Period: The Eye (Colored Pencil)
  • Impressionism Period: Birch Trees (Acrylic Painting)
  • Post-Impressionism Period: The Eagle (Acrylic Painting)
  • Expressionism Period: The Zebra (Acrylic Painting)
  • Cubism Period: Containers of Color (Acrylic Painting)
  • Abstract Expressionism Period: Burst of Color (Acrylic Painting)
  • Pop Art: The Flower Pot (Colored Marker)

In catagory 2, Historically Themed Projects

  • Ancient Egypt: Egyptian Nomads
  • Spanish Exploration: The Santa Maria
  • Spanish Rule: Spanish Flowers (Inktense)
  • Privateers: Pirate Ship (Soft Pastel)
  • Revolutionary War: The Cannon (Ink)
  • Civil War Period: Abraham Lincoln (Charcoal)
  • Early America: The Great Chief
  • Chinese Period: Chinese Woman (Batik/Inktnese)

In catagory 3, Exploring the Art of Yesterday there is one project:

  • Ivan Aivazovsky: Stormy Sea at Night (Soft Pastel)

There is one final, more advnced set of lessons called the Capstone Program where there is one project.

  • Paint Like Vermeer: Girl with the Pearl Earring (Oil Painting)

The first project “The Artist” chose to tackle was Egyptian Period: The Royal Hunt (Colored Marker). This is the project and the bit of historical information within the lesson:

And this is what “The Artist” did for his interpretation of an Ancient Egyption scene.

Next, he tackled something that when I looked at it online I could not figure out how he would get it to look like the lesson picture!

Spanish Exploration: The Santa Maria (ink, pencil and vellum)

This is from the lessons:

And this is what “The Artist” did!

Next, he did his own picture, using what he’d learned in this project.

Finally, he followed the lessons in the project Realism Period: The Eye (Colored Pencil)

This is my son’s drawing. I think it’s beautiful!

This is a wonderful way to get Art into your homeschool, whether as an add on to other subjects, or as a separate, stand alone program. There are enough projects to keep your students busy for about 35 weeks, if you do the projects one week at a time.

Our family highly recommends the Art History Program from Creating a Masterpiece. 

A number of other Review Crew families have also been working their way through this Art curriculum. I invite you to check them out and see what projects they chose to do and what they think of this pprogram by clicking right here!


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