Math Essentials Speed Wheel Drills {Review}

Disclosure: I received this complementary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

I’m going to come clean here. I hate Math with a passion. I’ve tried not to pass that on to the boys, though, and most of the time they are quite happy to do it. This time around, The Artist” has been using the Speed Wheel Drills for Multiplication since the beginning of July, and has been enjoying the challenge against himself using a stop watch.

Each of the books have 1,444 speed wheel drills to help the student(s) develop instant recall of their math facts, which ultimately makes all math much easier for them to learn. In the Speed Wheel Drills from Math Essentials, the student(s) learn the facts in a fun way, fast. They can easily see their progress, too. Each page has 12 speed wheel drills, with each Wheel having one math fact family. So, if the student(s) do a page each day, the student(s) will be practicing math fact families 1 through 12 everyday. With over 100 pages of Speed Wheel Drills, I believe they would have every one of the fact families down cold by the time they finish the book!

The way each wheel works is, each one has “spokes.” In the center (hubcap) is a number. In between the spokes are numbers that “The Artist” had to add the hub number to. On the outside, in between each spoke, is a space to write the answer. Above each wheel there is a line to record how long that particular wheel took to complete, and how many the student got correct.

In the beginning of each of the workbooks are instructions to the student on using the workbooks:

In the back of each book you will find a Resource Center with the following sections:

  • Math Glossary
  • Important Symbols
  • Multiplication Table
  • Commonlt Used Prime Numbers
  • Squares and Square Roots
  • Fraction/Decimal Equivalents
  • Speed Wheel Drill Solutions

“The Artist” was disappointed that he “had” to do this, at first. He did not care for the wheel format at all! However, he very quickly came to realize that he was going to be competing against himself each time he worked on a wheel. Here are a couple of pages that he had done at the time I was taking pictures:

A close up of just one of the Speed Wheel Drills shows how each one is recorded:

At the very back of the workbook is a one page solution for all of the Speed Wheel Drills:

In the end, The Artist found enjoyment in this workbook, because of competing against himself!

We were also given Speed Wheel Drills for Addition and Speed Wheel Drills for Division. Ultimately, I will be having “The Artist” work through Division, and “The Batman” work through Addition.

A number of other Review Crew families have been checking out the Speed Wheels Drills for you! I encourage you to check out their experiences by clicking right here!


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