Archer And Zowie by Hans Bluedorn {Review}

Disclosure: I received this complementary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

For the last few weeks, “The Artist” has been reading Archer and Zowie from Hans Bluedorn.

Archer and Zowie is Hans Bluedorn’s newest book, a sci-fi novel written for kids in the 6-13 age range. This is a 233 page soft cover book, with engaging illustrations drawn by the author, The illustrations look to me like pen and ink drawings and fit quite well into the story.

The story is about best friends Archer and Zowie, a boy and girl who could not be more different! “Archer likes to plan, explore, and find things over the next hill” but “Zowie likes to look around, feel life, and find fun right where she is.”

At the beginning of the book, Archer and Zowie are stuck inside on a rainy day, with a babysitter. Archer has gone into the kitchen and after staring at the microwave on top of the refridgerator, grabs the cord and pulls it down, and brings it in to the dining room where he sets it on the dining table. Zowie asks if they are going to be “using their imagination again,” reminding Archer of how much trouble they got into the last time they did that. Archer then untwits a coat hanger and bends ito a V, making an antenna and taping to the top of the microwave. He writes the word  TELEPORTEE on the door in permanent marker and the adventures begin!

The “Teleporter Order Catalog,” which Archer has written himself, is a list of products with numbers next to them, such as:

  • Big Hot Pastrami Sandwich . . . 3345
  • Spinach and Mushroom Pizza . . . 1204
  • Milk . . . 2030
  • Soda Pop . . . 8392
  • Fork . . . 8943
  • Miniature Nuclear Reactor . . . 2934
  • Antimatter, 10 ounces . . . 2851
  • Black Hole Kit . . . 8744
  • German Shepherd Puppy . . . 7283
  • Milk Cow . . . 8830
  • Blaster Gun . . . 5258

“Borrowing” the babysitter’s credit card, Archer orders a Glaster Gun, which, according to Zowie looks like a dust buster. After they argue and accidentally shoot the  TELEPORTEE (microwave, it goes a little crazy and shoots out a big penguin like alien. FRom that, Archer and Zowie end up using their imaginations to go to other planets.

This book is written in script form, and “The Artist” didn’t care for the format, so I ended up taking over and reading it. I do think that if I give it to “The Batman,” he will enjoy it though. I did not care for things such as Zowie supposing that “Rain is God’s pee.”

Overall, this is a pretty good story, but “The Artist” says he would like it better if it were written in a more standard novel format.

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