World Watch {Review}

Disclosure: I received this complementary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

I was excited to receive a six month subcription WORLD Watch to use for studying current events with my children, and to review for you!

World Watch is an online news/current events daily broadcast for teens, but honestly, I have been enjoying watching along! Each weekday program is approximately 10 minutes, with a variety of topics.

 WORLD Watch news reports cover a variety of topics such as: history, technology, science, economics, government and world cultures.

On August 10. this is what came in my email to show me what was on the site for us to watch that day:

  • Taliban captures fifth provincial capital
  • Faithful former coach Bobby Bowden dies
  • The Smithsonian Institution turns 175
  • Caleb explains the Rural Electrification Admin.
  • Hannah reports how neon signs are made

Today, we are watching the following stories:

  • Taliban overtakes entirety of Afghanistan
  • Acapulco recovers from earthquake
  • El Salvador adopts Bitcoin as official currency
  • Arlington explains budget with Legos
  • Caleb reports on flyovers

I like that while this program is giving the news, we get “Just the facts.” with no opinion slant at all. News broadcasting over the past several years has become very slanted to one political view or the other, and I don’t like that at all. I majored in Journalism, and was taught that my opinion as a reporter didn’t matter, to simply give the facts and let the reader/viewer come to their own conclusions, so I have been very disappointed in how the news has such slant, more so with every passing year. I also dislike a lot of the adult topics in the news, such as LGBTQ stories. I would prefer to discuss these things with our children within a Biblical viewpoint. World View does have a Christian viewpoint, bit not in a preaching style.

My boys seem to like the fact that the stories are in short bites, with each program lasting right around 10 minutes, as mentioned above. There is always a main story, and sometimes a history of something interesting.

WORLD  Watch has a 30-Day FREE Trial to see if it is right for your family, which is something I appreciate as a homeschooling parent. We have to be careful of the pennies, so having a good amount of time to be sure of whether something is a good fit befor investing in it is definitely a positive thing!

World Watch is a very good program with which to introduce our kids to regularly watch the news, while at the same time helping them to gain discernment while watching. eventually, they will be able to divide out what is fact, and what is opinion while watching or reading news reports. I very much recommend World Watch for regular viewing.

Check out World Watch at their social media links!


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