Bible Breakdowns From Teach Sunday School {Review}

Disclosure: I received this complementary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Teach Sunday School is a company with a number of very good products to aid in helping your children (or yourself!) including the product I am reviewing for you now: Bible Breakdowns.

Bible Breakdowns is just exactly what it say, a breakdown of every single book in the bible. Each page is laid out really nicely.

At the top, you will see the name of the Book as well as what number the book is (in order).

Next, there is a very short summary of the book being studied. It is a bare bones summary, but plenty enough to tell me what I want to know before studying the book.

Here is a graphic to tell you more about the book:

I like this a lot! I like to see at a glance the information given in the graphic. If I want to see what period is covered in a given book for example, it is right here for me.

Now, we come to the Breakdowns themselves. As you will see, this section gives you the entire book of Daniel broken down by chapter, and sometimes by verse sections. I really like that books which would be considered to be classic Bible stories are highlighted in blue.

Finally, the last section of the Bible Breakdown page is a section which gives you the most popular verses in the book being studied.

During this review period, I have printed out the breakdown sheet for the book of Daniel. Our Assistant Pastor (who will become our Pastor when our current one retires in January) is doing a series during our Sunday evening services using the book of Daniel, and I thought it would help us to have this breakdown printed out to refer to.

This is my copy with my Bible. I am liking the fact that I can get additional context, along with keeping track of what we are hearing during the services.

As you can see below, this is a beautiful set, worth printing out and keeping in a notebook so as to have handy for every book you study, whether for church or for personal study.

I plan to do exactly that, but first I need to go and buy a binder for the pages! Then, it will be readily available for use every time any of us are being taught from a specific book of the Bible, or doing a Bible study of our own.

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