I Know It {Review}

Disclosure: I received this complementary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

I Know It has been a great way to make math practice fun for my son “The Batman!” This is the kind of site which makes him feel like he loves math!

I Know It is an online math program, which you can use to supplement any K-5 math curriculum. Within the I Know It site you will find over 600 math lessons/topics.

Here is a short video to tell you a bit more about I Know It:

It was extremely easy to set my son up as a user on I Know It! I simply set up my account, then set him up as the student. With the family membership, with which we were blessed in order to do this review, you can use it for up to four children. I am only using it for one.

This is what I see when I have logged in, and then my son can click on the picture he chose for himself. There is only the one password. After that, each of your children can click on their own icon when it is their turn to do some math.

As the parent, you have the ability to either assign lessons or to allow your children to explore the lessons on their own. I chose to let “The Batman” explore on his own through the K level, and he completed the entire thing! He was thrilled that he got Awards Certificates to pprint out, and as a result he also learned how to print them from our printer. Here are just a few of his certificates. Before printing the first one out, he asked if I had changed the ink cartridges, becaus he wanted the certificates to look just the same as they did on the screen. 🙂

This is what he sees when he does well on a lesson.

The picture below is a partial chart of everything “The Batman” has been doing:

Below is a more detailed student report:

The picture below is a partial list of Awards “The Batman” has accumulated so far.

Because “The Batman” has significant developmental delays which affect his ability to learn math, this has been a fun program for him! He does not complain about doing it, in fact, he asks if I will log in to it so that he can “do math!” He is having so much fun!

You can also keep up with I Know It at the following social media links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iknowitcom/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iknowit_com

A number of other Homeschool Review families have also been checking out I Know It, and I invite you to pop over here and see what they think of this supplemental program!


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